Unveil the Latest Artificial Intelligence Solutions in CeBIT Hannover 2017

The market of Artificial Intelligence is growing day by day and now it become the most disruptive technology trend in the history of information and technology. Many startups and tech giants are racing to get the AI solutions. But it requires innovative minds + excellence + experience + out of the box thinking + passion and commitment to built quality solutions.

CDN Solutions Group is a pool of innovative minds and we have developed creative Artificial Intelligence solutions for our clients. This year we are exhibiting in one of the top ICT expos CeBIT Hannover 2017 and will uncover all the latest possibilities in AI solutions related to your business. You can meet us at hall 002 stand A33 during CeBIT 2017 Hannover event. Fix a meeting with us and avail free passes here.

Latest Artificial Intelligence Technologies We Work on:

Speech Recognition: This technology is used to transcribe and transform human speech into computer applications format. Currently this technology is used in interactive voice response systems and mobile applications.


Machine Learning Platform:
The ML platform is providing algorithms, development and training toolkits, APIs, computer power to design, deploy models into applications. This technology is currently trending in between enterprise applications. At CDN, we have developed many solutions using machine learning platforms for our clients. Contact us here to make your idea into opportunity of success here.

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Natural Language Generation:
The natural language generation is a method to produce text from computer data. This technology is used in generating reports, customer service, and summarizing business intelligence insights. The NLG technology saves your time and increase productivity.

Virtual Agents:
The virtual agent is smart, productive and an animated character generated by computer created to leads intelligent conversation with users. The virtual agent is responsible to answer the queries of its users by performing adequate non-verbal behavior. Contact us here if need this kind of solution for your business.

Decision Management:
It is a mature technology which take decisions for your ongoing maintenance and tuning, many business owners have already adopted this technology for better results. If you also want to implement this technology on your ongoing system or want to build new system integrated with decision management technology, feel free to contact us here.

There are many business benefits gained from AI technologies today, so what are you waiting for? Meet us in CeBIT 2017 Hannover in Hall 002 stand A33 to uncover the latest possibilities in Artificial Intelligence. Fix a meeting with us and avail free passes for CeBIT Hannover 2017 event.

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