KaiOS – New Operating System For Mobiles

KaiOS – Another New Operating System For Mobiles

In today’s era, whenever it comes to the selection of a mobile phone, we either prefer to get an Android or iOS smartphone. Few people also keep windows phones in option. But, here we are bringing to your knowledge that there’s another new operating system on the rise for mobiles – “KaiOS”. And let me make it clear to you that it’s not trying to unseat iOS or Android because it’s been designed to run on feature phones.

Wanna Know More About KaiOS?

Here you go…

KaiOS is a light operating system for mobiles. It’s a web-based mobile operating system that is based on Linux. It is forked from B2G, an open source community-driven successor of Firefox OS. And, do you know what’s more interesting about it? Google has invested a significantly big amount to develop it. It has also already been started shipping on a handful of phones and considered to be a better choice for feature phones. It’s inexpensive. Its interface is clean and simple. Phones with KaiOS have Google Assistant built in and includes a full-featured web browser. It supports 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, NFC, & QWERTY keyboards, based and allows CSS and Javascript.


Let’s Take A Deeper Look Into Its UI & Features

Mobile Interface: It’s fairly simple to understand and extremely similar to the feature phones built in 2006 or so. It has 2 shortcut buttons for navigation and text is present at the bottom of the screen indicating the function of the current navigation key. The end call key has dual functions, it’s also used as a back button.

It also has a center key that opens the app drawer. Now with the left navigation key, you can open the notifications or alerts and with the right navigation button, you can open the shortcut panel. This enables you to easily access device volume, screen brightness, flashlight and so on like any Android phone.

Its interface is similar to an older version phone but you would also find sprinkles of the smartphone era. The KaiOS feature phone supports Wi-Fi, hotspot mode, and screen reader. Not only this, in case of theft or loss, you’ll have the option to log into KaiOS account to track and disable your phone.

Google Assistant: The most important and interesting aspect of KaiOS is that it has built-in Google Assistant, making it a must try option. There are two ways to open it on feature phone- You can either open it by holding the center directional button or from the app tray.

The Assistant on KaiOS has limited support but it still helps because the most essentials features are present. It can start a call, send a text to someone, play YouTube videos, answer general questions, obtain weather information, open local applications, turn the flashlight on/off, and more. Voice detection is also as good as Assistant on any Android phone.

Pre-installed Apps: Utility apps that you would get on any other feature phones are available on KaiOS including Contacts, Messages, Camera, Clock, Calculator, FM radio, music player, video player, currency converter and even games apps. Few applications that are more common on smartphones are also pre-installed like voice recorder app, file manager and a full-featured web browser.


KaiOS is a component that offers above-mentioned multiple benefits and can run on cheap hardware. It has also made mobile internet access cheaper and more accessible than ever before. This makes it one of the best choices for a vast number of people in developing countries worldwide who have just now got or will get access to the internet in the coming years. You can also buy it if you don’t want a smartphone, but just a basic phone.

Recently, we introduced ourselves with the KaiOS and would be happy to take projects on this technology. If you have plans to serve people with an affordable option, KaiOS is the best choice and CDN Software Solutions is ready to help you with it.