The Perfect Match of Java and Internet of Things at CeBIT Hannover

Can you imagine the world where machine’s will let you know about there updation or a quick fix? A world where everybody or everything have their unique id and all are connected to each other. Yes this is the new reality of technology called Internet of things.

The Internet of Things is a tremendous opportunity for IT organizations and developers to create new solutions that connect devices to the Internet. There are a number of emerging IoT standards like MQTT, Lightweight, M2M , CoAP that will make it possible for devices to connect and operate.

There are many open source java services and frameworks available which make it easier for java to become a language for IoT.

The Features Which IoT Device Needs All the Time and Java has the Capability to Fulfill These All

The IoT App or Device has to be always in “ON”mode
Performant and Scalable
Remotely Manage
Provide Local Intelligence
A Platform to implemen new ideas

Java Development for IoT-CeBIT Germany 2016

Why choose Java for IoT Development

Java will Extend Product Lifecycle
Portable and Trustworthy
Enhanced User Experience
Increased market reach
Strong resource availability
Reduce support cost and risk
Sandbox security model
Robustness Excellent Varied
Multi-tasking/multi-threading Built-in Add-on, platformspecific
High Performance
Efficient, scalable development model
Compatible from small embedded to large systems

So, java is a perfect development partner for Internet of Things. So, if you also want to develop any IoT application for your business, then do meet CDN Software Solutions in CeBIT Hannover 2016, Hall 2 Stand No C 36, during 14 -18 March, 2016 for further discussion.

You can also get a free e-invitation from us to experience this superb IT conference, and the world of new ideas and innovations. 

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