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IoT Trends To Watch For In The Upcoming Years

Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly becoming a part of our day to day lives at home as well as work. It brings life to devices we use every day by the means of the internet such as cars, watches, and kitchen appliances. The intelligence of IoT makes these devices talk to you in the same way they talk to the internet. And, there is no doubt in saying that it has revolutionized the way the world operates including machines and electronics in your business as well as homes.

For example, while you drive home, your car can communicate with your smart fridge and lights so that the fridge can alert you if you are low on milk and light automatically turns on welcoming you, making your way.

Another example could be connected devices in the industrial area where they could communicate in real-time and deliver information on your phone about performance and production estimates. As, these sensors can predict maintenance as well as the failure based on signals like temperature, moisture and more. This is edge computing, where connected devices are capable of computing useful data instead of dumbly passing the complete data to the cloud.

Now, let’s have a look at the magic of IoT based solutions that will shape the space going forward with the following trends:

Pickup in Smart Cities Projects:

Today, more and more cities are taking initiatives to become a smart city. Some cities have started using IoT data to connect traffic lights with the CRM to alert utility companies in case of cut off, some cities have started using intelligent lighting as well as automated street meters. Not only this, with the roll-out of 5G networks, we can expect a boost in smart city implementations such as parking meters.

Improved Food Safety:

Smart meters and IoT solutions helps companies measure temperature and humidity in cold storage facilities to ensure food safety. We expect more and more companies to implement IoT to optimize energy management in their food storages as well.

Automation in Help desk and CRM:

It’s predicted that IoT data will soon help in automating customer service by sensing customer problems and notifying it to the companies in advance. This could work for appliances as well as utilities. From here, the IoT data would be fed into the companies CRM. Hence, can be used for sales discussion down the road.

Simplified Preventive Maintenance in Manufacturing:

One of the best benefits that IoT provides is it senses problems about the machinery even before a field technician gets to work on-site. This preventive maintenance is seen in smart factories where workers also rely on wearable devices for safety and factory conditions. And, it’s expected to advance rapidly in 2019.

Increased Adoption Rate in Businesses:

IoT is already embedded in businesses deeply. One such example is mannequins communicating with customers’. IoT provides value to businesses with connected machinery that reports details of operating parameters and efficiency to other connected smart devices. Apart from the listed emerging trends, many other trends will boom in the coming year 2019. It includes smart health, smart farming and so on. And, CDN Solutions Group can provide you the best IoT consulting services.

In The End

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