CDN Solutions Group Innovative App Zone at HKTDC 2017 in 3G-F28

Do you ever think about the latest trend, technology magic, innovations, ideas that change your life and make it interesting or easy? NO….? Then come to our booth at HKTDC 2017 Hong Kong i.e. in Hall 3G-F28 during 13th – 16th April, 2017 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

CDN Solutions Group is a king in the world of innovations and smart solutions. Whether it is about shopping, saving money, ordering your favorite food, hiring a cab or any other routine activity online, which device do you pick to carry all such activities? Your Smartphone, right! Well, it is same with every one of us. Our mobile has emanated as a best friend in need and is playing a crucial role in simplifying our daily tasks. In fact, these mobile apps are progressing to make predominant presence.

Let’s have a look on some of the important trends that we will showcase in HKTDC 2017

Mobile Apps Driven with Cloud Technology: – Cloud technology is playing a major role in the mobile app development revolutions. The cloud computing technology approach will help developers to build functionality and can easily be used on different mobile devices with similar data and features. Doesn’t that sounds interesting and amazing? Want to know more about this..? Come to our booth 3G-F28 in HKTDC INTERNATIONAL ICT EXPO 2017.

Location Based Mobile App That Provide Beacon Internet Services (Wi-Fi): – Beam (Beacon) technology blurred the bottom line differences of online and offline. It is already adopted in iOS and is expected to follow in Android system soon as well. What is Beacon? How it works? How it will make your business more profitable? Contact us here for all the answers.

Wearable Tech: – Wearable technology is the talk of the town in the industry right now. Most of the wearable devices developed so far were focusing on health and fitness. But, now these wearables are also expected to be utilized in organizations in order to improve their efficiency, productivity and boost their business.

Internet of Things: – Internet of Things is the hottest topic and trend in technology world. Since IoT will be everywhere, just like are smart devices, developers are revitalized to build pliable mobile experience squeeze those new opportunities provided by the sensors and actors around. How IoT will help you to speed up your business and daily life? Is your office a smart office or an ordinary one? Are you still following the traditional ways of doing things? Do you want to be a king in your business? Come with us in the world of Internet of Things and give tough competition to your competitors.

HTML 5: – HTML 5 and related development tools will gain huge popularity. As this technology will enhance, more and more enterprises will adopt hybrid as their primary technology for mobile apps. Hybrid frameworks like Mobile Angular, Lonic, Sencha Touch and Index XDK can support multiple platforms and make things global.

Mobile Gaming: – Mobile games will increasingly be driven by cloud technology to sync between different devices playing the same game or to sync between different users taking part in the same game. Integration of social media within games will become more significant than before and make mobile games more interesting.

So if you are also planning to attend HKTDC ICT EXPO 2017 event in Hong Kong and want smart, innovative and latest solutions in web and mobile app development, then do contact us here.

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