How Industries can Take Advantage of Narrow Band IoT or NB-IoT

NB IoT, stands for NarrowBand Internet of Things, is a low power wide area network radio technology developed to enable maximum M2M (Machine to Machine) operations and connected devices. NarrowBand IoT can make possible for more things to be connected.

NB-IoT is designed for Internet of things and it is one of a range of Mobile IoT technologies that enhances machine type communications.

The growing demand of LWPA (Low Power Wide Area) and IoT widens the Internet’s scope from people-operated computers towards autonomous smart devices. Many mobile operators have set their dedicated IoT and M2M business units in order to serve the business advantages to organisations with Mobile IoT technology. The reason behind adopting NB-IoT is simple:

  • More Coverage
  • Larger Battery Life
  • Low Device Cost
  • More Device Connected
  • Low energy consumption


Now the question is, which industries can make revenue potential by adapting NB-IoT and what solution NB-IoT will give to those industries. So after a deep market research, we have finalise some industries who can take advantage of NB-IoT services and the verticals are Agriculture, Healthcare/e-Health, Safety and Security business, Automotive and Logistic, Manufacturing, Smart City, Energy and Utilities, Retail and Smart-home.

The NB-IoT Solutions will cover the service categories such as:

  • Smart metering (Smart Gas, Smart Water and Smart Electricity) – Smart metering can help to save manpower by remotely collecting gas, water and electricity readings over the cellular network.
  • Intruder alarms & fire alarms for homes & commercial properties – Security always comes first for people. Alarms and event detection will help to rapidly inform that user about a detected home intrusion. This system will not only offer intelligent protection from intrusion but will also offer intelligence for detected events that can lead to a fire outbreak like a sudden increase in home temperature or smoke.
  • Connected personal appliances measuring health parameters – NB-IoT is playing a big role in health industries by connecting personal appliances to measure accurate health condition.
  • Tracking of persons, animals or objects (Kids monitoring, Pet Tracking, Asset Tracking, Logistic Tracking) – The population is ageing and senior people living alone at home. So the need for their care in an easy and affordable way is badly required. Also parents have a great interest in being assured about their kids well being and activities. So in that case NB-IoT can make you enable to get the real time tracking of kids and the elderly.
  • Connected industrial appliances (Connected Wearables) – Connected wearables in the past few years have taken centre stage and increasingly becoming a lucrative industry as it is an application that mainly revolves around health, fitness and wellness.
  • Smart Parking – Parking is challenging issue, according to a survey, 30 % of all traffic congestion is caused by drivers circling around to find a parking space in urban areas. Smart parking provides parking information to citizens in real time to enable better parking management.

Apart from these service categories, NB-IoT is also beneficial for smart city operations, smart garbage bins, smart agriculture, and many more.

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