IN-Vehicle Solutions – Connected Cars and Apps – IoT Integration @ CommunicAsia 2016

The business automotive market is depends on software in their vehicle to become successful. CDN Software Solutions is here to provide the apps, integrated and embedded solutions, IoT and Cloud solutions needed to get them there. Meet us at CommunicAsia 2016 for IN-Vehicle – Connected Car and Apps, IoT and Cloud solutions at stand no. BQ2-09. You can also avail free passes to attend this event here.

“Competition is not only the basis of protection to the consumer, but is the incentive to progress.” ~ President Herbert Hoover.

With the same beliefs, CDN Software Solutions is always trying to develop or create innovative solutions by using latest technologies. So here we are talking about some very mindblowing solutions for In-Vehicle, Connected Cars and Apps and IoT Integration.

The In-Vehicle control panel can contain pre-installed applications, so with the help of smartphone apps, you are able to connect the in-vehicle solutions with the app via bluetooth, GPS/GPRS or other IoT sensor devices and hardware integration on your vehicle.

IN Vehicle-Connected Cars and Apps - CommunicAsia 2016

If you are interested in the connected cars and apps, there are four main types of development for in-vehicle connectivity:

IVI (IN-Vehicle Infotainment) – In-Vehicle Infotainment will provide you specific media and communications abilities to the driver and passengers.

Smartphone Link –  A Smartphone link can integrate with the car in three different formats:

* Smartphone voice assistance such as Apple’s Siri or Google Now can be used to control applications on the in-vehicle infotainment system.
* Bluetooth connection where the steering wheel buttons and built-in voice recognition controls the application.
* The in-vehicle infotainment system mirrors which will display on your smartphone

In-Vehicle Telematics – In-vehicle telematics systems offer enable road-side assistance, fleet management and car location. And now with the help of remote API, the In-Vehicle Telematics allows developers to build experiences for smartphones that allow drivers to remotely access their vehicle’s automated controls.

On Board Diagnostics – Withe the help of On Board Diagnostics, the developers now have the ability to create applications on any device that can communicate with the OBD port to display real-time vehicle information.

So these are the main things that is required before developing an In-Vehicle, Connected Cars and Apps and IoT integration. CDN Software Solutions has developed many In-Vehicle solutions with the help of IoT integration, which you can check here.

So if you are also looking for connected device solutions, you can contact us here to avail the same. Or if you want to discuss about it more, meet us at CommunicAsia 2016 at stand no. BQ2-09 at Marina Bay Sands 018970, Singapore. So get your free pass to attend the mega IT show right now here.

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