Learn how to pick the best ERP solution for your business?

As we know Wholesale Distributors Are Driving Success With Cloud-Based ERP system.

In this digital generation, there is a huge gap between the success level of an ERP user and a distributor who manually manages business. Competition is intense, Managing inventory and suppliers is progressively complicated, because customers want quality products at low prices. Reliable data is fundamental for promoting profits and growth. This are the questions to get the information you need to choose the management solution that will support your business today and well into the future.


Learn how to go for the best one for your business type

Disconnected software systems are costing you both time and money and putting customer relationships at risk. It’s time to replace aging software with a more powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution and there are many systems to choose from. Being a consistent IT service provider company we have delivered multiple ERP solutions for our global clients. You can see our ERP solution work on our CDN Solutions Group portfolio.

So, here’s a sample of what you need to consider as you get started on your journey.
Do we have consolidate access to customer information?

An extensive, integrated ERP solution will centralize data, making it easier for sales and service agents to access customer data and respond quickly to customer demand.

  • How will demand outlining and anticipation accuracy improve?

By distributed data, you will be able to use sales, inventory and customer data to improve anticipating, control inventory replenishment, alleviate supply chain disruption and predict product and customer trends.

  • Will we have full clarity across the supply chain?

Integrated ERP system will provide insight into the entire distribution and retail network, including external business partners, to identify ways to cut costs, improve collusion and bring products to market faster.

  • How will we conclude customer behavior?

Dashboards, analysis tools, customer data management and other business intelligence features personalize customer engagement. With machine learning, you can target betterment to customers and boost cross-sales and up-sales based on historical purchases.

  • Will ERP emerge to meet changing business commitments?

Cloud-based ERP is formable and adaptable to meet market demands and changing business operations. This flexibility offers distributors the ability to be less reactive and more proactive with product and pricing approach, customer services and development into new markets.

Not all ERP are alike and the system that works for one business may not work for yours. So contact CDN Solutions Group for more information and guidance while choosing the right ERP solution to support your specific business needs and goals.

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