How To Manage Mobile Apps’ Data Through Web Portal?

If you have decided to create an app for your business and your customers, there is one more thing that you have to take care about – delivering the content. One of our clients came up with the same issue, and after getting our solution, he became so happy. We suggested him to do this with a content management system (CMS) website.

Yes, actually he is a skin therapist and he needed apps for his business and customers. So we created 2 apps and 1 CMS (Superadmin) for him. One app is for all skin therapists and another app is for his customers. Now the main thing, how to manage both the apps data?!! One of the best way to manage the mobile apps data by a single platform is CMS (Content Management System).


Here I am showing some of the features of both the apps and how the CMS (superadmin) is controlling the data of both the apps perfectly.

How the Mobile App for Skin Therapist Works: –

  • The skin therapist who wants to give his service through this app can fill the registration form and this will go to the Superadmin (CMS Manager).
  • After verification process, the therapist can access the app.
  • Now if any customer requests to book an appointment for a particular skin therapist, the therapist will get notified automatically by the Superadmin (CMS).
  • He/She can accept or decline the invitation, or can also suggest another time if he/she is not available at that particular time.
  • The skin therapist can also chat with his customer.
  • The therapist can read news.
  • The skin therapist can read feedbacks from customers.

Features of Customers Mobile App: –

  • Customers can register themselves through mobile app.
  • Customers can schedule an appointment with therapist by setting filters such as location, brands, etc.
  • Customers can chat with therapist; receive mass messages, notifications, and auto-mails, give feedbacks, read news related to their skin concerns, etc.

How Can CMS Manage The Data For Both The Apps?

  • CMS can access the both the apps’ data through API server. CMS is playing a role of Superadmin in this business system.
  • They can read the chat history of skin therapists and customers
  • Can feed news by category and roles on the mobile app wall of therapists and customers.
  • Feedback management
  • Auto respond mail handling
  • Mass message handling
  • User management
  • Push notification

A Superadmin can manage all the data for both the apps through CMS website. Isn’t it awesome to access or manage the mobile app data through website?

Are you also looking for a CMS website that can manage your business apps data? Send us a free quote and latest technology solutions for your business.

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