How to Create Google 360 Street View of Your Business?

Google 360 degree street view is a great source to gain visibility for your business. We all know, Google is the most used search engine, and in this virtual world, we can connect to our clients and customers only via digital sources.

In a study, we find that, when searching for businesses, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time. Google 360 street view build trust for your business in consumers mind. You can actually double the impact of your maps listing by adding Google 360 degree Street View.

Checklist Before Creating Google 360 Degree Street View

To create Google 360 degree street view video for your business, you need a website with complete address details and a verified Google Business page. If you don’t have these things, Google will not list your video in its map listing.


While capturing 360 degree video, do not include human beings, Google does not include humans in 360 degree street view. If they find humans in your video, they will simply discard it.

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How to Start to Create Google 360 Degree Street View for Business

If you have a website and a verified Google business page, you can start creating your Google 360 degree street view any time.

  • Take 360 degree photos of your premises. Make sure that the photos must be of high quality otherwise Google will not accept it. You can take help of any professional photographer or also can try 360 degree apps.
  • After taking all 360 degree photos of your premises, open the Google Street View App
    Under private section, tap select.
  • Choose a photo that you want to publish
  • Tap upload
  • Tap publish and you will see your photo under business profile.

Note: You need to upload photos in synchronized way so that Google will connect it accordingly.

On the other hand if you don’t want to take any headache, you can simply hire a trusted professional in your area who will be authorized partner of Google and he will do all these things for you, from taking high quality 360 degree photos to map listing under your business profile on Google. So Click here to hire an authorized pro in your area.

You can take a look of CDN Solutions Group’s 360 Degree Street View here.

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