How Mobile Technologies Can Transform Your Business?

Mobile technologies are hitting the market constantly, but how to implement these technologies efficiently so that it can transform your business? At CDN Solutions Group, we have helped our clients implement mobile technologies in areas such as healthcare, education, workplace, construction, smart cities, agriculture, banking and finance, eCommerce, food, farming, hotel and restaurant, insurance, logistics, museums, oil and gas, pharmacy, retail, real estate, etc.

Mobile technologies allow organisations to compete more aggressively, innovate more creatively, operate more effectively, and engage customers like never before. Mobile technologies are more than simply being a technology. It’s the organisation’s ability to move and realise opportunities, satisfy customers, overcome challenges, maximise talent and keep ahead of the competition.


So at CDN Solutions Group, we have enabled business to transform their businesses using mobile technologies. And this year are exhibiting in one of the largest mobile conference ”Mobile World Congress Americas” to showcase our exclusive mobile technologies solution. MWC Americas 2017 will be full of the hottest trends of mobile technologies and to be held during 12th – 14th September 2017 at Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA, USA. So now, lets have a look at the top mobile technologies that will surely change the way you business.

Augmented Reality (AR) and the Utility Apps

Most of the people think that Augmented Reality is just for games and flashy things, but the combination of AR and utility apps is something that can boost customer engagement which is required for reaching millionaire.

Location Based Services

Location based technologies is ruling in the retail market. Location based technologies such as beacon or geofencing will enable the mobile app to know when customers are close and the app will send them special offers which can be tailored specifically to that customer to bring them in the shop.

Android Instant Apps

Android instant apps are something that will help user to experience a mobile application without installing it. For example, your app reach to a customer who don’t have it installed on their phone. So now what the Android Instant Apps will do is, it will enable the user to access your app not on a device but as simple as opening a web page. It is made possible because the app will provide a code to access its page on web.

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Make Smart Device Smarter using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence technology will enable your user to personalise and streamline their experience while using your application. Mobile is one of the most promising area in AI. So adapting AI for your business will one of the most clever decision you will take.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things means more connectivity, more customers, more revenue, more popularity. IoT keep gaining popularity so and so. So if you are not taking advantage of IoT technology yet, feel free to contact us here to have one.

So these are some of the hottest trends of mobile technologies that you should definitely implement to increase your business. At MWC Americas 2017, we will showcase some of our exclusive mobile technology solutions that will amazed you. If you want to see it now, contact us here. Or you can also fix a meeting with us here to see the live demo of our solutions at MWC Americas 2017 here.

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