How Information Technology Can Contribute in FMCG Sector

How can Information Technology Contribute in FMCG Sector

Fast-moving consumer goods are the talk of the town. The FMCG industry is the most widespread industry in the world, that deals with the production, packaging, distribution, and marketing of consumer goods like stationery, glassware, paper products, household products, plastic goods, food, and dairy products including packaged food products, consumer electronics, hardware and sanitary products, and many more. Try promoting your food product with a food marketing company like Greenseed. Not to mention the consumers of FMCG are the population around the globe. With consumers inclining towards technology day by day, it has become necessary for the FMCGs to adopt information technology to reach their targeted audience.

Some of the very reputed FMCG companies like Coca-Cola, Britannia, Pepsi, L’Oreal, Nestle, etc. Has to look upon information technology as a mandatory business booster and applied it to make things easy for them as well as customers. The decision-makers of FMCG industries have understood that involving information technology is a wise decision to stay ahead of their competitors. The major challenges that FMCGs face are expanding product portfolio, managing Stock keeping units, tracking field employees, managing supply chains and distribution channels, human resource department management including daily wages and payroll, meeting the distinct requirements of customers, employees reporting, ensuring compliance with changing market trends, get real-time access to competitors activities, manage multi-channel marketing, and many more. With these possible complexities, FMCG leaders across all industry verticals realize that IT can play a game-changing role that can stimulate revenue growth by sparking innovation and thus has started investing in other alternatives like gold investing.


Many IT Outsourcing companies have emerged as a pioneer in providing Information technology services to FMCGs as they are also well acquainted with the fact that consumer is going mobile and FMCGs do need their services to keep pace with the consumers. Let’s see how an FMCG can benefit from information technology:

ERP Software: An enterprise resource planner is what an FMCG desperately needs. An ERP system helps manage inventory system, keep track of stock records, manage multiple orders, and accounting transactions, control multiple distribution channels, supply chain management, workflow management, Logistics management, and MIS reporting. Nobody questions the importance of ERP nowadays. ERPs are now well merged with the working of FMCG companies.

Mobile Apps: The major concern of FMCGs is to create brand value for consumers by serving them at the right time and right place. This is where Mobility solutions come into existence. With mobile apps capturing major space in users’ smartphones, they render highly personalized experiences. Mobile apps can help consumers locate your product store at ease, surf your product portfolio any time, get alerts on discounts & offers, and purchase online from anywhere anytime. Mobile apps can help FMCGs build customer loyalty.

Sales Force Automation: With FMCGs spread over a large geography, sales are conducted by different stores located in different areas. It is thus a nightmare for sales and marketing guys to consolidate things. Sales force automation hence becomes a crucial tool for FMCG organizations. IT companies can help develop sales force solutions that connect clients and suppliers. Capturing and tracking orders, setting targets, track field salesmen, real-time insight into data, stock management, etc are some of the features of the sales force automation system.

CRM: Another miracle of Information Technology for FMCGs is Customer Relationship Management and believe me industry leaders love CRM. The reason is, CRM help retain valuable customers and in the case of FMCG CRM is practiced at retailers or distributor levels. Industry giants are using CRM to set up customer care centers, launch newsletters, give notifications, etc.

So with these benefits of information technology, the FMCGs are rapidly inclined toward IT industries for such solutions. If you belong to the FMCG sector and are looking for an IT outsourcing company then International IT events are a good place to look for. And if you decide to build your own IT department, utilizing Endpoint management software can help optimize and automate your processes.

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