How Important are Paid Campaigns for Your Business?

Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart. – Joe Chernov

In the digital era, marketing has put on a new robe, and all has been revamped. If you’re still not quite there in the online marketing ambit, you’re losing out on too much! Online Marketing is like the oil in the machine of selling. It eases out the friction of reaching to the potential buyers and clients.

Online advertising campaigns are all about being easily accessible to someone who might be interested in your product or service. The consumer has changed his ways of searching for the right product or service. The print marketing tactics are just about obsolete now. Consumers now flock the Internet for information, prospective sellers, and ultimately for purchasing too.

How does Paid Search Marketing work?

Pay per Click advertising or PPC is the most effective form of online marketing that provides its user with steady traffic. Search engines like Google give two results to the users- organic and sponsored. To appear in the sponsored section, the businesses have to compete with each other in a bid for the space in the advertising area.


This bidding is way better than appearing organically because organic doesn’t come free either! You invest resources, time and effort in order to start for the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) gig, and then you wait for an awfully long time before you are bestowed with the results.

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Be it IT service providers, or manufacturers with products to sell, or providers of any other services, online marketing pays all. Who doesn’t need to advertise to the intended set of people and be able to seal a deal?

The whole idea of PPC is that it enables you to reach your targeted audience quickly by specifying who will see your ads (either by entering specific keywords or demographic characteristics) and you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad.

How Search Engine Marketing can change your game?

Targeted Audiences

With the correct planning and execution, you reach your prospective customers, as they are the ones most likely to click on your advertisement. This targeted nature of a digital campaign increases many folds your chances of winning a lead. It is you who decides who gets to see your advertisements, and this can be determined by the demographics, interests, or other such characteristics of people.


When you get creative in your digital campaign, you are trying to allure the customers into buying your product. Effectively designed banner ads can convey much more to a human than the customary text ads and goes a long way in giving you a brand recognition.

Building a brand

As you target traffic to your website, you create an awareness in the people about your brand. If you were sure to leave an impression upon them, they will remember your name when they want to buy your product or service. Emotional quotient is of the utmost importance in a digital campaign apart from selling your qualities.

Scale of reach

Demand-side platforms allow you to scale your marketing campaign online real quick and efficient. This places the complete steering into your hands to determine the spend on the campaign, the scale of the reach and the optimization of the campaign.


Even though you feel that paying for each click to the search engine will leave you penniless in no time, it is actually the other way round. With the correct campaign and tactics, you will end up locking in useful leads and earning a lot more than you can imagine!


You can easily analyze the engagement of each of your potential customer who hits your advertisement. In the traditional print marketing, there is no way to know the time a user spent reading your advertisement. In the digital advertising space, it is possible to fathom how much time a customer spent on your website, which products he navigated to, and whether there were any conversions from the advertisement.

Implementing a marketing strategy that includes Pay-Per-Click advertising is a crucial part of any small business’ success within the digital arena. When a small business doesn’t make use of PPC marketing, they are quitting the game for the sake of their competitors.

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