Enterprise Mobility Solutions

How Enterprise Mobility Solutions is Proving a Game-changer for Businesses?

As per GSMA’s Mobility Economy Report, the IoT connected devices will reach a staggering 25 billion with business-related connected devices deluging the marketplace over consumer-related devices by 2023. The above stats clearly states that businesses are betting on enterprise mobility solutions big time. And why not? When it comes to propelling productivity, nothing beats enterprise apps.

First things first: What’s Enterprise Mobility?

Enterprise Mobility is an approach wherein employees are free to work from anywhere using a range of devices and applications. The term refers to smartphones and tablets used for business purposes. It also includes the mobility of corporate data and workers, as well. For example, an employee preparing a presentation on an office PC, uploading it to a cloud storage device and then accessing it on his iPhone at home. Additionally, Enterprise mobility management (EMM) and similar technologies have emerged to aid IT departments to help mobile workers to take care of security risks.

Currently, enterprise mobility is crucial because it offers employees flexibility and choice, which in turn enhances job satisfaction and accelerates productivity. More importantly, nearly all companies have adopted some form of enterprise mobility these days. Previously, enterprise-class mobile devices such as BlackBerry smartphones were employer-provided. The device enabled the accessing of emails, calendars, and contacts.

In 2007, Apple released the iPhone, and in no time, Google launched its mobile operating system, Android. After that, the concept of app stores was launched to the masses. As more smartphones were being bought, and more apps get developed, the BYOD (bring your own devices) trend was born. So, employees started leveraging their personal smartphones for work and that too without requiring employer permission – given that the apps enabled them to do their work quickly. Simultaneously, with U.S. workers preferring to work out of the office, organizations have formally adopted BYOD policies and flexible work styles.
Enterprise Mobility Solutions

With an increasing number of devices being used at workplaces, the productivity of the organizations has gone up by 34%. Employees are working 240 hours extra annually.

Plus, 53% of the employees believe that including mobility solutions have made things easier for them. Businesses have witnessed significant growth rates and other benefits, and now reports suggest that companies have already invested $61 billion in mobile app development services in 2018.

Why Next-Gen Companies are Championing Enterprise Mobility Solutions?

Portability, availability, sharing, and data access are the four features that make enterprise mobility solutions popular among businesses. Additionally, it offers real-time features such as streamlined data, ownership of the device, in-built camera, interactive maps, and so much more. Here are some benefits that an enterprise mobility solution can bring to your business:

1. Enhanced Productivity:

If anything, embracing enterprise mobility empowers employees to conduct business from anytime and anywhere. The frontend workforce can easily access crucial data such as emails, documents, files, calendar, among many other things from any remote location. So even if your employee is traveling, he can take care of urgent tasks by using their mobile devices. Thus, it offers flexibility and propels productivity.  There are several apps that companies can take advantage of to propel their productivity. Some examples include

CamCard:  is a free app available on iPhone, Windows, BlackBerry, and Android. It allows employees to scan business cards with their phone cameras. The app immediately, and that too, with a high degree of accuracy, adds the info to the contact list. Also, it saves the image of the original card as a backup.

Trello: If editing documents is your topmost priority, then you can use Trello to prioritize projects via the creation of lists, cards, and boards. It also offers an excellent way to share visual documents like images with your team and all.

Quip: With Quip, you can connect with your creative teams with a personal touch. Though it’s not a free app, for $30 per month, you can use the app to share documents and hold conversations with a group of five. And, yes, it’s web-based, so you don’t have to worry about Comparability issues also. Though businesses can bet on these applications to enhance productivity, there are several other enterprise apps available at the app stores to improvise your business processes. Here are some 22 Technology enterprise apps you need to know.

2. Work from Home a Reality:

As it turns out, enterprise mobility gives employees the freedom to work remotely or work from home. This ensures a smooth flow of work without affecting their performance. It also leads to better employee engagement, more accessibility of the latest information, close deals instantly, among many other things.

In fact, some studies show a direct correlation between enterprise mobility and enhanced productivity. For instance, the Aberdeen survey of 240 enterprises found that mobile apps designed to complete work increases productivity by almost 45% and also raised operational efficiency by 44%. U.S. federal government gains an additional nine hours of productivity per week, which equates to $284 billion per year in savings.

3. Decreased Operational Cost:

The other biggest plus of enterprise mobility is that it brings down overhead expenses as employees are free to work from home. Plus, if businesses can think of setting up shared workspaces whenever the employees attend the workplace. And if your company has adopted a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, it will also aid in lowering the IT cost because you won’t have to bear the IT infrastructure cost.

4. Faster reporting:

Adding a mobile reporting system to mobility solutions of businesses enables employees to report faster on projects. Plus, the management is free to review these reports on any device at any point in time. This makes it easier to figure out top performers as well as find weak links to take appropriate actions.

5. Competent data collection:

Another benefit that businesses could look forward to by investing in a mobility solution is the generation of valuable data. The advantage of insightful data is that it helps you to make intelligent business decisions to further business improvements, specifically in terms of market research to point-of-sale systems.


Going by the above benefits, enterprise mobility solutions should be a top priority for organizations with employees working outside the office premises. Partnering with top mobile app development company will help you come up with creative solutions. You could check the solution CDN Solutions page on GoodFirms to find client reviews and why you should consider partnering with this company for development for mobile enterprise apps? Connect with them to build an app that gets you the desired results.

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