How Businesses Seeing NodeJS Development in 2016?

Node.Js is becoming popular day by day. Most of the enterprises adopt node.js as the main development framework. Node.JS is ruling the world because NASA is also using it to build the present and future system that support spaceship operations and development, said by Collin Estes (Director of Software Technologies of the Space Agency).

Here are the latest examples that Node.Js is Ruling the development world:

GoDaddy Drained .Net to Apply Node.JS Flavor: –

The company primarily used .Net and was thinking about turn to Java. But after knowing the facts & ease of Node.JS, they prepared their mind to adopt Node.JS for their company. They started to use Node.JS for the front-end & Back-end as well.

Netflix Also Saying Thanks to its Node.JS Container Layer: –

Netflix also can’t control itself to take benefit of Node.JS for their business. They are also saying thanks to Node.JS for their mindblowing container layer.

Node.js brings joy for developers at Capital One: –

According to Capital One developer’s, Node.js allows much more transferable skill-sets between the front end and some of the back-end area as well, and it allows to be a little bit more integrated solutions to develop.

So these are some big companies who already told bye bye to their previous technologies and applying Node.JS in their future development projects. Node.js has the potential to be the go-to-framework for both startups and big companies.

NodeJS Development 2016

As you can see, adopting Node.js will be your best decision. Node.Js collect an enterprise environment that has tremendous benefits. It makes the developers happier and increases the productivity of your project.

According to the best web and mobile app development company ‘CDN Solutions Group’, Node.JS is the next biggest rumble in development industry. According to the skilled developers team of CDN Solutions Group, Node.Js is a unique phenomenon and development friendly technology which makes development process faster and increase the productivity at the same time. You can watch the latest work of Node.JS development here.

Node.JS – The Technology That Drives IoT: –

IoT required parallel programming for intensive environment without disruption and Node.JS is perfectly fitted for this requirement. Internet of Things developers are finding it comfortable to develop apps in Node.Js. In the past years, the use of this technology has increased 68% according to a survey.

Become a Better Node.JS Developer with These Amazing Development Tricks:

Here are the tricks and tips to operate Node.JS infrastructures, you can apply this features to achieve high user experience.

Asynchronous patterns: –

To manage asynchronous patterns in Node.Js, you have two choices: callbacks & streams.

  • For Callbacks, you could use library such as async.
  • For streams, you could use libraries such as bl, through, highland.

Use ES2015: –

ES2015 includes N numbers of javascript language which make your work 100 time faster. With ES2015 the tricky tasks becomes easy to do such as:

  • Template Strings
  • Generators
  • Maps, Sets
  • Symbols
  • Argument Spreding
  • Rest Operator
  • Arrow Functions
  • Promises

Error Handling: –

Error handling is the most crucial part to develop an application and make it right. You don’t know that your silly mistake can make your system crash. So to handle the errors easily, Node.JS has superb solutions.

To make error handling an easier task, Node,Js distinguish them into two parts that are: –

  • Programmer Errors: – These type of errors are basically based called bugs. So if you find bugs while programming, then you should crash the process immediately, if you don’t know how to fix that error.
  • Operational Errors: – The operational errors occurred from the system problems. For example when a process is time out or the system is running out of memory, etc.

Callback Convention with Promise Support: –

In Node.Js technology, you can create an error first callback interface for your modules. Here we are giving an example of how to create callback convention with promise support.

const fs = require(‘fs’)

function readPackage (callback) {
//as of now we do not have default values in Node.js
callback = callback || function () {}
return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
fs.readFile(‘./package.json’, (err, data) => {
if (err) {
return callback(err)
return callback(null, data)

module.exports.readPackage = readPackage

Starting New Projects: –

If you are going to start a new project, make sure to start always with npm init. This will generate a basic package.json for your project.

Monitoring Your Applications: –

To monitor your applications if it is in Node.JS, you can sue open source software as well as SaaS (Software as a Service) based applications.

Use the latest Version of Node.Js i.e LTS: –

If you want to achieve both stability & new features, you can use the latest version of Node.Js i.e LTS (Long Term Support).
So these are some amazing tricks to develop application in Node.JS. If you also want to develop business or another application using Node.JS technology, CDN Solutions Group have best team of Node.JS developers that meet all your requirements. You can also send us a free quote in case of any confusion.

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