Do You Own a Hospital or Looking for Healthcare IT Solutions? Meet us in Communic Indonesia 2016

What you will do if you find affordable and cost saving IT solutions for healthcare? If you are a hospital owner or a doctor, it is obvious that you will adopt smart healthcare solutions. Everyday Healthcare professionals come across new apps and systems that not only make their work easy but is also a boon to their patients.

As an IT Service and solutions provider company, it is our duty to contribute our knowledge for healthcare sector and make the work as easy as possible. This year we are exhibiting in Jakarta International Expo event to showcase our ideas in-front of industry leaders. You can meet us in JIEXPO hall stand no. A-1306 during the event i.e from 31st August 2016 to 3rd September 2016. You can also avail free passes for this event from us here.


CDN Solutions Group’s healthcare IT solutions will help you to deliver better Care and drive better result. Here we are sharing some latest healthcare IT solutions: –

Wireless Wearable Sensors: – People are turning to wellness apps, wearable devices for healthcare, so its a great opportunity for healthcare leaders to learn how to utilize this data to reduce hospital cost and give proper guidance to their patients for serious and chronic conditions in the initial level of disease.

Remote Patient Monitoring: – Monitoring programs can collect a wide range of health data from the point of care, such as weight, vital signs, blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, electrocardiograms and blood oxygen levels. This data is then transmitted to healthcare leaders in facilities such as monitoring centers in primary care management.

Enterprise Information Solutions: – In this section, we will provide solutions for hospital & health systems with complete electronic health record solutions, expert consulting to reform the critical condition of patients.

Business Performance Services: – With the help of our business performance services, you can manage and configure the revenue cycle, electronic health record, practice management services. In this section, all the departments are divided into a group and after a defined period of time, the business performance solution will measure a revenue model for all groups and then you can easily find that which group generate the highest revenue.

Connected Care and Analytics Solutions: – This system is to take record of patients condition before and after treatment, so that they also know their actual care condition.

So these are some of our healthcare IT solutions, we have some more effective solutions that we will showcase in Communic Indonesia 2016 fair in JIExpo Hall at stand A-1306 from 31st August 2016 to 3rd September 2016. If you want a healthcare IT solution, contact us here. You can also avail free tickets for Jakarta International Expo 2016 and meet us their to discuss about your IT requirements.

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