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Google Launches Kotlin Tool To Make Developers Happier

Hey developers, google has concocted uplifting news for all of you.

As a web and mobile app development has consistently been a steadily growing and challenging field therefore it requires tools that can facilitate and ease your work. In 2016 -17 Google launched one programming language named kotlin that helps developers in many ways now once more google has added an exemplary tool to the kotlin family.

top android app development company

What’s New In This Tool?

The Kotlin Symbol Processing (KSP) tool is launched that can undoubtedly assemble the compiler plugin for the coder. A developer can utilize this tool with Kotlin 1.4.30 adapted version.

Kotlin developers needed to accelerate the development cycle during aggregation to stay away from additional time consumption. Another development challenge that Kotlin developers confronted was no native annotation processor framework. Thus, the Java annotation handling compatibility was utilized for the Android mobile application development through KAPT – Kotlin Annotation Processing Tool.

The tool was kept down by Java stubs ingested by the Java annotation processing framework. The goliath asserts that the Room library starting benchmarks showing the KSP that appears to be quicker than the KAPT tools. The designers will have programming modules and Android libraries to embrace in KSP explanation processors. 

The tool has come up as an extraordinary option in contrast to the KAPT with tentatively upheld Moshi and in partially upheld Room.


Google is endorsing Kotlin for quite a while as a decent programming language for Android applications. Over 60% of Android application developers are utilizing Kotlin as an extraordinary option in contrast to Java. The Java code is made an interpretation of into Kotlin to create 30% of the Google Home application.

This is how this new update from google hoping to become the best helping hand for developers so that they can work with ease. We at CDN Solutions Group, our developers are very much updated and regularly upgrade themselves. They are integrating this tool in there development process to make more apps and webs with ease.

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