Google Comes Up With New Logo – A Historic Turning Point For Google

Google, the world’s largest company recently have made various changes, but the latest and the biggest change came up on September 1st, when Google changed its logo. Yes, again Google have changed it’s logo. Google has completed 18 years and this is the sixth time when Google changed the company logo. It is a surprising move by Google, which has taken by Google without any announcement. According to the experts it is one of the biggest change by Google since 1999.

Google New Logo

What changes Google have done in logo?

The new logo is still the word mark, but Google used sans-serif typeface in new logo. The color of the letters are also softer than they used in the previous logo. The new logo of Google is resemblance of its parent company Alphabate, which has announced recently as well.

What experts say about the same?

According to Tobias Frere-Jones, type designer of Frere-Jones Type, “The new logo of Google is effective and nice way to create a friendly and put an approachable impression. But the “l” stand out awkwardly in entire logo.”

Steve Heller says, “I don’t know for how long Google continues with this logo, but it is a pleasure to watch it. The creativity at its best.”

What Google says about the logo?

In a blog post Google shared that why he changed the logo. According to Google, “It doesn’t really settle on a specific reason that a redesign was needed, but it says that this logo should better reflect the reality that Google is no longer a site you visit on a desktop computer, it’s a huge collection of sites, apps, and services that you visit on PCs, Chromebooks, smartphones, and anywhere you can find a web browser. Google writes that its new logo is meant to reflect “the reality to you when the Google magic is working for you, even on the tiniest screens.”

Anyway, the new logo with simple letters is supposed to scale better to smaller sizes, making the word mark more easier to read. It’s also simpler for Google, because the new logo of the Google can be displayed on low-bandwidth connections. According to Google the size of this logo is only 305 bytes, while it’s previous logo was more than 14,000 bytes in size.

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