Everything You Need to Know to Patent Mobile App Idea

Everything You Need to Know to Patent Mobile App Idea


Instructions to Patent Mobile App Idea 

On the off chance that you are an entrepreneur person or start-up in light of an awesome mobile application idea, at that point, this blog is solely for you. In this blog, we have referenced a complete guide on the best way to patent a mobile application idea before you discuss it with somebody. Let’s start;

Do u have an awesome mobile app idea? Are you troubling that somebody may use it before you could apply it?

Luckily, intellectual property law – particularly trademark, patent, and copyright law – provides security to mobile application ideas. There are loads of new companies and business entrepreneurs, who trust in getting a patent an application idea to reject others from making, utilizing, or selling it.

Patent an application idea is essential to shield from commercial market copycats, who may take it. In any case, ensure that your application thought should be new and novel to be liable to patent law. It ought not to be a clone of other applications.

Here are the general inquiries that you may have about licensing an application idea: 

  1. What does the patent application idea mean in layman language? 

A patent is a type of licensed innovation law and will keep your thoughts from being utilized without your assent. It blesses you with the selective option to prohibit others from creating or selling your thought or an idea.

How about we take an illustration of Apple Company that looked for against Microsoft in the year 1994. The organization asserted that Microsoft took its concept of the graphical UI (GUI) from the previous’ Lisa and Macintosh working frameworks. Nonetheless, Apple didn’t gain a patent for its idea that drove it to rule for Microsoft.

  1. Is it Possible to patent a mobile application idea? 

Indeed! It is conceivable to patent a mobile application idea since it is one segment with various techniques for interaction. The code of the application can’t be patent as the actual code goes under the class of law covered by copyrights.

Along these lines, it is conceivable to patent the technique or interaction of the application that it follows to play out a specific activity. For instance, the application’s cycle that sudden spikes in demand for a cell phone or some other gadget interfaces with a distant worker with information that either stores it or cycles it to be utilized on a cell phone. In short, the application is the thing that makes your device or cell phone work in a specific way.

  1. What are the prerequisites to fit the bill for a patent? 

For the most part, patent eligibility for the mobile application idea is dictated by 3 central points. Here are those 3 central points that qualify your application for a patent:

  • It must be an “invention” 

By and large, patents are utilized to secure innovations. A patent is given to the development that is depicted as an answer for any issue, as indicated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

As we realize that the mobile application idea is certifiably not an actual physical item, so the interaction of the application is an invention as a development. Nonetheless, it is essential that simply like any innovation, the interaction should resolve any issue.

3.2 An application idea should be new and one of a kind 

In the event that your application thought takes care of an issue of the clients, it doesn’t imply that it is qualified for the patent. It is a must that your application thought is new and non-self-evident. In simple words, your application idea has not been unveiled before in a public format, including books, forthcoming patent applications, articles, YouTube recordings, and different sources.

Also, it should be remarkable and doesn’t as of now exist else you can’t patent it. For instance, in the event that you have built up an application like Uber and taking care of the issue of thousands of individuals by permitting them to book a ride with only a couple of taps, yet you can’t patent it as it is a clone of Uber application.


  • It should be qualified as valuable 

To wrap things up, your patent should be qualified as valuable. Notwithstanding, it doesn’t imply that your application thought can’t be under in engaging classification or anything like that. It implies that your application should work from a certain perspective. The limitation keeps individuals from licensing such applications that are not as valuable as they ought to be. In this way, it expects you to build up a solid and nitty-gritty clarification like how your application attempts to guarantee responsibility.

  1. Is my application idea effectively patent by another person? 

To check whether your application idea is now conceded to another person or not, begin investigating the current and forthcoming patent application ideas. The USPTO counsel to play out a high-level pursuit to discover comparable things utilizing its Cooperative Patent Classification

  1. When would it be advisable for me to file for a patent? 

Today, patenting an application idea isn’t allowed to the individual, who is first to develop it, however, it is conceded to the one, who is first to record a patent against it. It is one of the principal reasons, why numerous business people and new companies incline toward recording a temporary patent before freely unveiling significant subtleties.

You may discover a lot of patent attorneys, who are guided to patent an application idea prior to examining it to any possible financial backers. Regardless of whether you have consented to a non-divulgence arrangement, you can set yourself up to document quickly.

  1. What amount does it cost to file for a patent? 

For the most part, the expense of protecting an application thought varies from the sort of patent for which you apply. With regards to temporary licenses, it costs around $2000 to $5000. When you recorded a temporary patent, you can create and launch your application. A temporary patent keeps going a year, and you can utilize this period to test your application’s success.

Discussing the non-temporary patent, it by and large expenses somewhere in the range of $10,000 and $15,000. When you filed your patent. This assessment takes somewhere in the range of one and three years. The inspector will totally audit your patent and search existing licenses to check whether it is qualified. Prior to finishing up this blog, here’re various sorts of patent applications, so you can look at this and apply to patent your portable application thought.


Various Types of Patent Applications 

  1. Temporary Application 

Temporary Patent Application is the most widely recognized sort of licensing an application idea. By and large, it is consistently the principal approach that the vast majority of mobile app development organizations use when starting with the patent cycle.

With the temporary application, you are permitted to document without even a conventional patent case, presentation, or any data divulgence explanation. Here is a portion of the advantages of Provisional or temporary Application:

It awards a year to totally create and refine the MVP.

Permits you to utilize the expression “patent pending” on the product.

It is more affordable to plan and document the application when contrasted with a non-temporary patent.

It permits to record International applications and guarantees need inside a year.

  1. Non-Provisional Application 

With regards to discussing the non-provisional application for the patent, it very well may be documented without guaranteeing any need of utilization made in a convention country or with no reference to the application that is now in the process in the workplace is called non-provisional application.

It is an unquestionable requirement that is joined by a total particular and cases. A non-provisional patent application should contain data like a composed depiction of the development and in any event, one case that legitimately characterizes the dispenses and limits of the creation.

An accomplished patent lawyer can assist you with deciding if patent insurance is ideal for you or not. Indeed, even the lawyer can assist you with the patent application measure. Getting patent assurance on a novel and non-clear developments is fundamental for getting others far from taking your idea.



So, you have quite experienced the basic manual for patent mobile application ideas, and it incorporates a ton of work and strategies to follow.

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