All You Need to Know About EDM Solutions..!!

The Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) is a process of sending bulk communications to the members of a group within your database. The online marketing plan contains basically 7 methods such as PPC (Pay Per Click), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMO (Social Media Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), SEA (Search Engine Advertisements), and last but not least EDM (ELECTRONIC DIRECT MAIL). The Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) is also known as eNewsletters.

EDM is an increasingly popular communication channel in which you can connect with people you already have a relation with. You can deliver tailored content to your target audience at a relatively low cost. You can also measure the analytics of your EDM campaign. Being a consistent exhibitor at Gitex Technology Week , this year as well we holding a stand SR-E8 in Sheikh Rashid Hall. If you are keen to seek more information on EDM or how it can benefit your business or what experience do we hold in this field, then we welcome you at our stand.


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Why to Apply EDM?

  • EDM is similar to COLD CALLING process. You have a list of clients or customers you already met but not able to convert them into leads. In this case, EDM is the best method to use use your old database and convert them into leads.
  • EDM is a quick process. It takes less time to give good results.
  • It is cheap.
  • The best thing in Electronic Direct Mail is that it is measurable. You can able to track no. of opens of your enewsletter, can check bounced messages, click throughs, email responses and all other analytics.

How to Get Started with Electronic Direct Mail?

  • For starting with EDM, first you have to build an EDM application. You can also find some applications from online tools.
  • After making the application, you can create list. To create a list, first you have to sort people according to catagories. For example, if you are participating in tech events like Gitex 2016 Dubai and you have database of exhibitors, visitors and others then you can create list for: 1) Exhibitors 2) Visitors 3) Previous Exhibitors
  • Now after creating users list in excel sheet or something else which is compatible to your application, you can import it into your EDM application. You need a hard core developer to implement this process because it needs some code stuff and query.
  • Now after importing the list into application, you can create your EDM template.
  • Now write your newsletter.
  • Apply A/B testing
  • Send it
  • Check your results.

So this is all about Electronic Direct Mail (EDM). At CDN Solutions Group, we have developed and run many EDM campaigns for our clients and we have a good knowledge of how to generate leads from it. We will give some latest and innovative ideas of EDM in Gitex Dubai 2016 at our stand SR-E8 in Sheikh Rashid Hall, Dubai World Trade Centre during 16th to 20th Oct 2016.

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