Why You Can’t Afford to Miss Digital Signage for Business?

Every business needs an information convey system for their products, offers and services. Digital Signage is the best solutions to convey the message or information in the form of engaging videos or other multimedia contents.

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Lets discuss some benefits of digital signage or digital display technologies for businesses –

Digital Signage Benefits for Corporate Communications –

* Keep your employees up to date with company news, HR announcements, birthday announcements, and more.
* Welcome visitors with a digital sign sharing the latest news and highlights about your corporation. Inform and entertain to help minimize the perceived wait time, while creating a rich technology atmosphere.
* Display the latest Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, RSS feed and more about your organization to keep your team on the pulse of what clients and partners are saying.

Digital Signage Solutions - CommunicAsia 2016

Digital Signage Benefits for Education –

* Broadcast emergency notifications and alerts
* Display live data for news, social media updates, weather news, scores, and more.
* Displays allow programs to share the history, the rise of championships, and recognize the accomplishments of coaches and athletes.
* Each campus is a complex tangle of buildings. Kiosks that are touch enabled allow guests and visitors to quickly find what they are looking for and the best route to get there.
* Each university, college or school has distinct needs to communicate with students regarding club news, upcoming events, department highlights, etc. Large format displays help to bring life to this content and ensure it is updated in real-time.
* Each campus is a complex maze of buildings. Touch enabled kiosks allow guests and visitors to speedily find what they are looking for.

Digital Signage Benefits for Hotels and Restaurants –

* Digital menu boards aren’t only to showcase food. Display your finest selection of beverages on a digital display and you can easily manage the list from a Google Spreadsheet. Include mouth watering photos, special announcements and more.
* Do more with your digital display screens like keep your patrons entertained and informed with up-to-date news, sports scores, social media updates, tournament brackets etc.
* Enhance customer experience and reduce perceived wait time.

Digital Signage Benefits for Retail –

* Digital display technology allows shoppers to interact visually with products or promotions when they are in the store environment, where actual purchasing decisions are made.
* Video Walls
* Wayfinding
* Interactive Kiosks
* In-Store Advertising Network
* Point of Purchase Tools
* Digital Menu Boards

Digital Signage Benefits for Transportation –

* Display current travel conditions and schedules
* Broadcast emergency notifications to travelers
* Centrally control and schedule announcements
* The most important thing you can communicate is real-time updates on arrivals and departures to ensure travelers can easily find ways and arriving guests at the proper time.
* Entertain the travelers with stock quotes, weather forecasts, news headlines, and other live data at waiting area.

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So these are some benefits of Digital Signage and Digital Display Technologies for industries. CDN Software Solutions have digital signage solutions for your business as well. So contact us right now to improve your customers, clients, employees or visitors experience from digital signage solutions.

We will showcase our latest work in Digital Signage and Digital Display Technologies at CommunicAsia 2016 Singapore stand BQ2-09. So you can also visit us their to discuss about your requirements. Contact us to avail your free pass for CommunicAsia 2016 Singapore event.

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