CDN Software Solutions Client-“Desertfire Online” Wins Platinum LearnX Award 2019

Recently one of our best client- Desertfire Online won award for the solution we built for them. It has won the 2019 Platinum LearnX Award for excellence in Learning Transfer. We are glad that our efforts have helped them earn a well-deserved award after much hard work and be a star. It’s really a proud moment for all of us at CDN Software Solutions.

The Award Story

Desertfire Online and Don® Small goods have been jointly awarded the 2019 LearnX award for best ‘Learning and Development Project – Learning Transfer’.

Don Small Goods, part of the George Weston Foods Group used Desert fire Online’s PPM+ software and developed over 250 PPM+ video training programs that enable them to document, capture ‘ the best practice’ and train employees in English & other languages. This PPM+ software helps Don to version control, review and update documents. The software further tests employees and record their results.

Desertfire Online is proud to be a partner in this initiative and thanked each one at CDN Solutions Group who worked on this program over the years. Our client values our time, blood and sweat invested over the project and is happy to achieve the milestone.

If you also want to come first in the race of awards, contact us now, and we’ll help you reach there!