CommunicAsia 2016 + CDN Software Solutions = Innovative eHealth Solutions

In the speedy life, people have turned out to be more cognizant about their health & fitness. But with scarcity of time people have started looking upon technology as their eHealth friend.

In the modern day, people use technology for their health concern. Medical professionals such as Doctors, Medical Practitioners, Hospital Management staff & students also make use of apps for the ease of all sorts of routine tasks.

So, if you are a doctor, or run a hospital, or a medical representative or a patient, then we can help you with eHealth solutions. How?? Simply meet us in CommunicAsia Singapore 2016, a one-stop venue for ICT professionals.

Our latest eHealth solutions will take-care of your health just ike a doctor. Find out latest eHealth Software & Solutions at our stand BQ2-09 in CommunicAsia.

Mobile Apps are playing biggest role in Healthcare industry:

Mobile apps can set your targets and track the regular exercises, for example, treadmilling and running. The best healthcare applications shows your fitness and also guide you to fulfill the fitness milestone. So mobile apps of eHealth can act like your personal trainer.

eHealth Software and Solutions - CommunicAsia 2016

There are many kinds of mobile apps available for different purposes like mobile apps for doctors that aware all the medical professionals, doctors, physicians, students, to go through clinical informations, and for any kind of a query they can quickly get the best solutions. Apart from it the medical mobile apps can also update medical professionals about Medical news, Drug information & tools, Drug Formulary Information, Disease & Condition Information, Medical Calculators, etc

There are many mobile apps available for Hospital management as well. So Mobility is really playing a crucial role in Healthcare sector.

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Wearable Technology for eHealth Solutions:

Wearable technology is a very popular and attention gaining technology, in healthcare sector. Want to know how wearable tech can help in eHealth sector? Here are some solutions!! Wearable technology is finding a range of innovative ways to improve our well-being.

There are many devices available for health monitoring, health and wellness trackers like –

1) Sleep Invisible
2) Wearable Sweat Sensors that can track Your Health
3) Wearable Sensors that can translate sign language into English so that the communication problem between deaf people and those who don’t understand sign language could be sort-out.
4) Future Wearable Drones that protect users from pollution, etc.

Want to know more about eHealth Solutions? Let’s join CDN Software Solutions at CommunicAsia 2016 Singapore Booth No. BQ2-09 during 31st May – 3rd June, 2016 at Marina Bay Sands 018970, Singapore.

If you are not attending CommunicAsia 2016 this year, we have free passes for you to attend this mega tech event. Contact us here to avail your free pass right now.

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