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Reasons to Attend Gitex Technology Week 2017 Event

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

Why people attend trade shows?

  • To meet industry leaders and tech giants face to face?
  • To get best deals from exhibitors?
  • To avail networking opportunities?
  • Learn about new space?
  • To take their business on global level?

Well, the above can be considered as the first five reasons to attend any trade show. When we talk about trade shows then the biggest one that captures my mind is Gitex Technology Week So let me give you the reasons why should you exactly attend Gitex technology Week 2017 (8th – 12th OCT, 2017) Dubai show.

Gitex Technology Week is all about Technology, Hardware, Softwares, Products, Buyers and Suppliers with focus on Internet of Things, Augmented Reality App Development, Virtual Reality Solution Development, Wearable Technology Solutions, Hardware Integration Solutions, Location Based Technology Solutions, Smart Industrial Solutions such as Smart Manufacturing, Smart Healthcare, Smart Retail, Smart Education, Smart Finance, Smart Travelling, and more.

Not all events cover multiple trends in technology and industry under one roof. So Gitex Technology Week 2017 is a great opportunity to explore and expand your business and skills and take your organisation into next level.


We at CDN Solutions Group are exhibiting in Gitex Technology Week 2017 for 9th consecutive time . We are an IT service provider company specialised in web app development, mobile app development, eCommerce development, software development and latest technology solutions. Our delegates are ready to present before you exclusive solutions related to your industry vertical that will definitely solve your pain areas in business at stand SR-F4 in Sheikh Rashid Hall, Dubai World Trade Center.

CDN Solutions Group to Drive Latest Technology Agenda at Gitex Dubai 2017

  • Our world is becoming increasingly digital and technical, so as a technology service provider company, we prepared a vision report of Middle East industries who have yet not overcome from their digitalization and technological pain areas and based on that data we will come up with specific solutions.
  • Throughout GITEX Technology Week CDN Solutions Group will showcase how digitalization and technologies are impacting industries.
  • Visitors at GITEX Dubai at stand SR-F4 can experience CDN Solutions Group future vision of technologies for industries through multiple demos.

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So what are you waiting for, get in touch with us for your app development, custom software development or latest technology development requirements and do not miss to avail free pass to explore the Gitex Technology Week 2017 event from us. (Passes are Limited).

Smart Manufacturing Solutions at Gitex Dubai 2017

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Smart Manufacturing is no longer new to manufacturing experts and strategists. If it makes you wonder what really entails Smart Manufacturing, let’s start you with what the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) thinks Smart Manufacturing is-

“Smart Manufacturing comprises of systems that are fully-integrated, collaborative manufacturing systems that respond in real time to meet changing demands and conditions in the factory, in the supply network, and in customer needs.”

Smart Manufacturing is being labeled as the next Industrial Revolution, and we second that. There’s no denying the fact that Technology is disrupting the traditional ways in which the world once functioned.


How can your business benefit out of Smart Manufacturing?There are numerous ways in which your business can flourish with the apt employment of Smart Manufacturing.

  • Deliver the high-level customization requirements of your consumers through the extensive yet subtle use of smart manufacturing
  • Improved productivity with smarter machines that would function without or with least manual interference.
  • Increased energy efficiency with smart manufacturing will lead to gaining an advantage in the competition.
  • Derive valuable insights from your business through digitized data which is captured at various points in your flow of manufacturing.
  • Better risk management with automatic detection of faults and quick decision making of the machine to shutter a disaster.

Make your machines smarter and join the world in the Industry 4.0 ride.

Technologies at the core of Smart Manufacturing

  • Industrial Internet of Things – Internet of Things has found its place in the manufacturing vertical and it is drastically changing the way factories functioned. IIoT is essentially the phenomenon of making the machine smart. The first step to undertake is to link it to the Internet.
  • Smart Sensors – Smart sensors are the very core of the concept that Smart Manufacturing is. Sensors installed at various points within a manufacturing work-flow lead to real-time data processing and decision-making when a faulty condition calls for it.
  • Data Analytics – What good is data if not analyzed. Data Analytics is the whole purpose of Smart Manufacturing. The Data yielded from the “smart” machines is either stored for later studies to derive useful insights, or used as it comes to take crucial on-point emergency decisions on-the-go.

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How can CDN Solutions Group help you grow “SMART”

Achieve operational excellence in your business with our Smart Manufacturing solutions that we are exhibiting at the Gitex Technology Week 2017, Dubai. We don’t want you to be “data-rich and insight-poor” because that is worse than not having chosen smart manufacturing anyway. The amount of investment that goes into turning a factory “smart”, only pays off if the data gathered is put to exercise.

Our technically competent team at CDN Solutions Group will ensure that your business thrives well and also smartly. We are bringing our cutting-edge technology solutions for all your Smart Manufacturing complications to the Gitex Dubai 2017 event, a five-day Tech-packed event (8th to 12th October) to be held at the Sheikh Rashid Hall, Dubai World Trade Centre at stand SR-F4.

If you’re not moving fast enough in this high-paced Technology-driven world, you are probably moving backward. Smart Manufacturing Solutions at Gitex Dubai 2017 by CDN Solutions Group will seek to add that flair to your manufacturing process while you embrace Industry 4.0 in all its glory. So fix a meeting with us here to meet in Gitex Dubai 2017 during the event to discuss your pain areas of business.

CDN Solutions Group To Exhibit Pioneering Technology At Gitex Dubai 2017

Friday, September 1st, 2017

When the world is buzzing already with the latest Technologies in hand, another super-tech event will mark the year in October 2017- the Gitex Technology Week 2017. The event will set in on the 8th of October and will wrap up on the 12th at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

To put the immense scale of the event into perspective, it is crucial to know that it will be attended by a lakh and a half people from about a 100 countries! A little less than 5,000 exhibitors will display revolutionary state-of-the-art Technology in various sectors like AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), IoT, Wearable Technology, and much more web and mobile technologies. The 37th chapter of the Gitex Dubai 2017 aims to bring together Technology enthusiasts, innovators, and investors, all under a single roof.

Business leaders and IT Professionals look forward to the event alike for it gives them the opportunity to experience fresh Technologies before they hit the market. Technology players will bring to the event their setbacks and will look forward to the solutions being offered by leading and budding service providers present at the venue. It is a platform for growing businesses to showcase their expertise in the Tech-world on a truly Global level.

The Gitex Technology week will unquestionably be filled up to the brim by the IT products and services businesses who are looking expand themselves through networks built at such an enormous event. A number of keynote speakers will impart their experiences and learnings to the audiences at the event.


Some of the Technology verticals to be a part of Gitex Technology week are-

1. AR and VR – With the onset of the first wave of AR apps hitting the iPhones, this vertical is one of the hottest trends in the market. Therefore, we expect to meet a number of AR and VR solutions providers at Gitex Dubai 2017.

2. IoT – The most looked out for field in the Technological world as of now is Internet of Things. The concept of enabling all things around to be able to connect to the Internet has led to a boom in the industry.

3. Wearables – The idea of bending a smartphone into a wrist watch is the due reality, and it the pushing of limits through this area that has led to many cool and ‘handy’ technologies.

4. Cloud based Services – At the base of IoT lie all cloud-based services. Be it the idea of smart healthcare, smart cities, or smart manufacturing, all of it boils down to services that can be accessed and managed from anywhere around the world.

The Gitex 2017 Dubai will also boast of Global Smart Cities Technology which will attract Government personnel from various nations, owing to the fact that “Smart Cities” is a reality in some developed nations and all others would want to follow the trail.

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CDN Solutions group is one of the IT companies to be a part of the offering side at Gitex Dubai 2017. This will be the 9th consecutive year of CDN Solutions Group to exhibit in Gitex Technology Week. Apart from the aforementioned areas, CDN Solutions Group will also put on public view its solutions concerning Fintech- that enable banking and financial services to thrive with cutting-edge technologies, and various other mobility solutions.

Do meet CDN Solutions Group in Gitex Technology Week 2017 at stand SR-F4 for first-hand Technologies, and stay ahead of the curve during 8th – 12th Oct, 2017 at Sheikh Rashid Hall, Dubai World Trade Center.

How Industries can Take Advantage of Narrow Band IoT or NB-IoT

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

NB IoT, stands for NarrowBand Internet of Things, is a low power wide area network radio technology developed to enable maximum M2M (Machine to Machine) operations and connected devices. NarrowBand IoT can make possible for more things to be connected.

NB-IoT is designed for Internet of things and it is one of a range of Mobile IoT technologies that enhances machine type communications.

The growing demand of LWPA (Low Power Wide Area) and IoT widens the Internet’s scope from people-operated computers towards autonomous smart devices. Many mobile operators have set their dedicated IoT and M2M business units in order to serve the business advantages to organisations with Mobile IoT technology. The reason behind adopting NB-IoT is simple:

  • More Coverage
  • Larger Battery Life
  • Low Device Cost
  • More Device Connected
  • Low energy consumption


Now the question is, which industries can make revenue potential by adapting NB-IoT and what solution NB-IoT will give to those industries. So after a deep market research, we have finalise some industries who can take advantage of NB-IoT services and the verticals are Agriculture, Healthcare/e-Health, Safety and Security business, Automotive and Logistic, Manufacturing, Smart City, Energy and Utilities, Retail and Smart-home.

The NB-IoT Solutions will cover the service categories such as:

  • Smart metering (Smart Gas, Smart Water and Smart Electricity) – Smart metering can help to save manpower by remotely collecting gas, water and electricity readings over the cellular network.
  • Intruder alarms & fire alarms for homes & commercial properties – Security always comes first for people. Alarms and event detection will help to rapidly inform that user about a detected home intrusion. This system will not only offer intelligent protection from intrusion but will also offer intelligence for detected events that can lead to a fire outbreak like a sudden increase in home temperature or smoke.
  • Connected personal appliances measuring health parameters – NB-IoT is playing a big role in health industries by connecting personal appliances to measure accurate health condition.
  • Tracking of persons, animals or objects (Kids monitoring, Pet Tracking, Asset Tracking, Logistic Tracking) – The population is ageing and senior people living alone at home. So the need for their care in an easy and affordable way is badly required. Also parents have a great interest in being assured about their kids well being and activities. So in that case NB-IoT can make you enable to get the real time tracking of kids and the elderly.
  • Connected industrial appliances (Connected Wearables) – Connected wearables in the past few years have taken centre stage and increasingly becoming a lucrative industry as it is an application that mainly revolves around health, fitness and wellness.
  • Smart Parking – Parking is challenging issue, according to a survey, 30 % of all traffic congestion is caused by drivers circling around to find a parking space in urban areas. Smart parking provides parking information to citizens in real time to enable better parking management.

Apart from these service categories, NB-IoT is also beneficial for smart city operations, smart garbage bins, smart agriculture, and many more.

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At CDN, we always try to develop solutions that solve real time problems effectively. We work on latest technologies such as IoT, Beacons, Hardware Integrations, Wearable, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence to solve issues of large to small enterprises, consumers and start-ups as well.

As we are the world’s leading mobile app development company, we are going to exhibit in one of the top mobile conference ‘Mobile World Congress Americas 2017’ to be held in San Francisco, to solve the technology pain points of our visitors. You can take advantage by talking to our experts and delegates present at stand S-2256 and S-2258


during 12th – 14th September 2017 at Moscone Center. You can also schedule a meeting with us there by visiting

Business Chat Apps – A Perfect Work Life Balance Formula

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

Business chat apps are scoring ahead than ordinary chat apps. The business chat apps provide value that help employees get work done on the go with improved productivity.

According to a latest survey of Forbes, there are 3 things that millennials (people born in between 1980 to 2000) want from their work.

  • Work life balance
  • Problem-solving Ideas
  • Instant feedback

Obviously in app store, there are a ton of chat apps available such as Facebook messenger, Whatsapp that help to cover communication gap. But the features and potential of an average chat app are simply insufficient for business communication.

Why Generic Chat Apps are Unfit for Business Communication?

  • Security, privacy & monitoring are the biggest threat while using generic chat apps for business purpose
  • Limited users can collaborate in a group.
  • Extensive file-sharing, organizing capabilities and call to actions are not possible
  • Too much distraction and disturbance in the middle of business communications
  • So in short, a perfect business instant messaging apps that are fitted with additional capabilities and act like a desktop machines that you can carry on your pockets is what every business required nowadays.

Facilities a Business Chat App can Provide:

Business chat app is the perfect solution to avail high-end business benefits at the low cost within a mobile interface. The business chat apps can be custom-made with extensive features that help employees on the go to get things done without having to wait for accessibility to a computer, desktop or a laptop.

Channelized Feed: There are many departments in an organization such as development, multimedia, management, sells and marketing, admin, HR’s, etc. Each member from a team needs access of some specific information or content, but not everyone in the organization needs to now that. So in this case, the dedicated channels or groups help make their task easier.

chatbot development solutions in mwc americas 2017


Security is one of the Forte of Business Chat Apps: The business could have exposed critical contracts information, customers, employee records, vendors and what not. So security is one of the most important feature a business chat app must needed.

However, at CDN Solutions Group, we have developed business chat apps for some of our clients integrated with high end security features like encryption of confidential accesses, two factor authentication, and more.

Create Meeting, Events, Polls, etc: Business Instant chatting apps allow employees to create new polls, events, meetings and other unique settings to invite participation from selected members of the organization. It is exactly like running a meeting without having anybody to be present physically. Saves a lot of effort and time, No?

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So these are some of the major features a business chat app requires. At CDN Solutions Group, we understand the importance of work life balance. So the business chat apps we develop for our clients are fully featured and secured according to their work culture and business requirements. Our chat bot developers have expertise in developing tailored-made business chatting apps according to the business needs. Feel free to contact us here if you are also need a business app for your organization.

Every year, CDN Solutions Group exhibits in many global ICT expos and this year for the first time, we are making our debut in one of the top mobile conferences of 2017 i.e. MWC Americas 2017 (Mobile World Congress Americas) San Francisco during 12 – 14 Sept 2017 at stand S-2256 and S-2258 in Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA, USA. We will showcase some of our exclusive and latest technology solutions that will solve all the pain points of your business. We have delivered IT solutions for almost all industry verticals. So you can contact us with your app idea and you will get an effective and most suitable solution for your business. So what you are waiting for, meet us at MWC Americas 2017 at our stand.