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How iPhone App Development Boosts Sales

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

Iphone app boosting sales

Mobile apps continue to dominate as a means for marketing and sales boost. With the wide adoption of mobile devices and a steep surge in their use for buying and selling, businesses today focus on mobile apps equally, if not more than their websites.

This age of M-commerce and mobile payments has compelled businesses to develop cross-platform apps that work equally well on three leading mobile platforms- Android, Windows, and iOS. Though business app development needs to be holistic in approach, iOS app development has seen a significant boom in recent years, given the device’s popularity.

In the first quarter of 2018, 15.6 percent of smartphones sold all over the world were Apple iPhones. If your target audience includes iPhone users, reliable iOS app development can prove to be a game-changing factor in the success of your business.

With a significant market share distributed across locations, iPhone devices cannot be left alone by any business that wants to leave a global mark. Any iOS app development company can tell you the benefits of including an iPhone app in your mobile app strategy.

But, here we list everything your business can accomplish with an iPhone app.

Grow your Business with iPhone App Development Services

Here are a few ways in which a credible iPhone app making company can help grow your business-

  • Boost online reputation – Stay ahead of the curve by building not just an online presence but a credible reputation. With an iPhone app, your business stands out and you gain a huge competitive advantage over industry rivals. A suitable iPhone app development company can help you reach out to a specific market segment and bring on your A-game through in-app marketing to boost sales. Looking for an iPhone app partner who understands what an app needs to promote in-app conversion. Avail online reputation management services if you want to project yourself as an industry leader.
  • Tap into a global market – Boundaries are dissolving in today’s digital era. Everything is just a click away, no matter how far it is geographically. Leverage the global community of iPhone users. Apple’s iPhone brings new opportunities for your business to gain global exposure through a professional and feature-rich business app. Expand services and access users all over the world to boost sales.
  • Security of app – The iOS software is smooth and seamless. Moreover, Apple has some stringent policies for apps that want to get featured on its store. While this may mean extra work for your iOS app developers, it also translates into business reliability given superior security settings of the app. iPhone app users are often less worried about the safety of their apps than Android users. Apple pays close attention to app security by encrypting user data and following benchmark security policies like malware and theft protection. Use Apple’s app security protocols to boost sales by building an iPhone app that promises privacy and security.
  • Integrate physical and digital – Make use of iBeacon technology to boost sales through your iOS mobile app. Infuse location awareness in your app to flash special offers and discounts or run programs for frequent buyers when they appear in the vicinity of your brick and mortar store. iBeacon technology is helping businesses acquire and retain customers to boost sales. Add social media integration features to your app to find prospective customers in the social network of your existing ones.
  • Leverage cost-effectiveness – Reliable iPhone app development firms offer various flexible project models for their clients to choose from. Choose a model that works best for you. Hire iPhone app developers, define your scope, and scale it up as and when needed. This way, you only pay for the time and expertise you need. iPhone app development can be cost-effective when you choose the right technology partner.
  • Offer a polished UI – Apple’s iPhones are known for their seamless and clutter-free user experiences. Users fall for it and here’s a chance for you to offer something on top of the UI’s clean and distraction-free interface. Make your iPhone app easy to navigate and leverage the same interface across iPhones and iPads, reaching a wider audience with little to no app tweaks.
  • Build brand trust – Apple has a sparkling brand image connected with it. Publishing an app to its store is considered an achievement in itself. Set standards high for yourself and get an iPhone app that increases users’ trust in your brand. Getting an app up on the Apple store automatically translates to your brand caring about its customers. Send that message across with a functionality-rich iPhone app.
  • Sell directly to serious buyers – Many surveys have revealed that iPhone users are more willing to spend on apps than Android users. By building an app for the Apple market, you are getting in front of users who are more likely to spend on your app (sales!) than any other mobile OS users. Attract an affluent audience through an iPhone app that markets your services and products and offers tons of value to the users.
  • Personalize user experience – Nothing improves sales today more than a personalized experience. Send users notifications about special discounts, offers, loyalty programs, all through your iPhone app. All businesses today focus on offering better experiences to their users and app personalization can do that for you. Treat customers well to retain them for long.

An iPhone app can go a long way in helping your business grow and your profit increase when built with the right ingredients. App development mistakes can cost you a lot of money, time, and efforts.

Recognize what your buyers appreciate in an iPhone app and get the right app customized to their interests.

Get Cost-effective, Quick, and Reliable iPhone App Development Services

At CDN Solutions Group, we understand your business requirements. After initial consultations where we brainstorm the past, present, and future of your company, we suggest you a roadmap to boost sales through a mobile app.

We have successfully deployed 300+ iPhone apps to the Apple store in our almost two decades of experience as a leading software development company. We currently house a team of iPhone app developers with as much as 7+ years of experience.

As an app development team, we like to deliver efficiently and uncompromisingly. Hire our iPhone app developers to get apps rich with in-app purchases, push notifications, iBeacon services, retina graphics, and much more.

Let’s discuss your iPhone app!


Choose the Right Tech Stack for Enterprise Mobile App Development

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018

We can see a significant rise in organizations implementing BYOD policies to enable enterprise app use on employees’ personal devices. 59% of companies allow their employees to access business apps on their devices, research suggests. As a result, enterprise mobile app development has gained momentum for companies to facilitate this digital shift in workplaces.

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As employees demand a faster and more accessible way to complete their work, businesses have started to consider their convenience before creating their enterprise mobility strategy.

Enterprise apps allow people to work from anywhere on their devices. Studies have shown that a majority of employees feel more productive when they work on their devices and that many of them demand this flexibility today.

While employees enjoy agility in working and welcome enterprise apps, businesses find it challenging to develop these apps given the security of data and information they seem to risk. Successful enterprise app development effectively balances convenience and security, so that BYOD is a win-win for both employees and the employer.

Technologies Behind Enterprise App Development

Ensuring a proper and intended use of enterprise-grade apps starts with the tech stack. The underlying technologies must be enough to support the infrastructure and integration as well as provide a secure environment that detects and prevents data leakages, information theft, and other security anomalies.

Since it seems like there’s an ocean of tools, most businesses struggle to pin down their tech stack. But, technologies shape the entire enterprise solution. So, there are aspects to consider before finalizing a tech stack.

Here are some of the main decision driving factors you may consider-

  • Configurations and customization – Enterprise mobile apps can be made customizable to allow employees to tweak them to their interest. These configurations need not be major ones- but tiny changes such as the reorganization of the menu, theme change, and so on. This way, employees stay motivated to use your app since they can tweak it to their liking.
  • Security – A crucial aspect to think about is the security of your enterprise solution. When employees access sensitive information and data over their personal devices, you have little control over what they do with it. Therefore, robust security arrangements might be your priority. These may include authentication, encryption, and other enforcement.
  • Updates– The frequency and width of updates may affect your choice of technologies. Ponder on the idea of updates and how often you may need them. When you update your apps, you want the process to be seamless and least disruptive to the user experience.

The Key Choices for Enterprise App Technologies

To simplify decision making for you, here are the key technologies that are significant to your app development stack-

Native Apps

These apps are built in native code intended to run on a specific platform and OS. Users download these apps from stores to reside on their devices. Since native apps work on a particular platform, they perform the best and are optimized for use on that platform.

If security is your top priority, native apps might be a suitable solution as they guarantee data protection. Native apps are much more interactive and intuitive than their counterparts, adding to app usability. You can expect a bug-free experience with native apps, making them an excellent choice for businesses that cannot afford a buggy app.

Native apps are ideal for cases where high-end user experiences are expected, a large user base with a prominent device choice is targeted, offline usage is common, and where apps need extensive device/OS functions. Technologies common and prevalent for Native app development are iPhone (Objective C), Android (Java), and Windows (.NET).

Cross-Platform Apps

Cross-platform apps are built using a cross-platform framework and then run on multiple platforms after specific configurations are made for each. These apps can be developed and deployed in a cost and time efficient manner as the code can be partly reused on multiple platforms.

Implementation is easy for cross-platform apps as developers can make changes in no time using popular tools. Cross-platform apps ensure that the overall look and feel of your business app remains uniform across platforms. A massive advantage is that you can allow all OS users in your organization to use your app since it is deployed on all major operating systems.

Cross-platform apps are ideal in cases where key users employ multiple mobile device platforms, apps require no heavy device usage, and where simple apps are needed. These apps can be best developed using tools such as RhoMobile (Ruby on Rails) or Appcelerator, PhoneGap, and Worklight all of which use Javascript and HTML as underlying technologies.

Mobile Web Apps

These apps are accessible on mobile devices through a web browser and can be run over the internet. These apps stay up-to-date always, since you access their updated version each time over the internet, without any need to install them. Web apps are easier to maintain as they share code across platforms and can be configured to be made compatible with older mobile devices.

Web apps are easy to release and deploy since they don’t need approval from any marketplace. If these factors sound convenient and preferable for your enterprise app, mobile web apps may be the right choice for you.

These apps are ideal for cases where generic user experience is desirable, and app performance can depend on the strength of the internet connection, where you have a distributed user base that employs various mobile devices, and where apps only need moderate device functions.

Mobile web apps are popularly built using HTML5, Sencha, and JQuery Mobile, all of which use Javascript and HTML as underlying technologies.

What Else to Consider?

Since an enterprise app can affect your productivity as an organization, ponder over the following bonus factors-

  • Is multi-platform compatibility important to you?
  • What do your users expect in your app?
  • Do you have industry-specific requirements?
  • How much time/cost can you invest in your enterprise solution?
  • What are the most crucial functionalities you need in the app?

Partner with an Outsourced Enterprise App Development Company

Many businesses begin the implementation of their enterprise app only to realize it is beyond them. They either lack the infrastructure, or the tools and technologies, or the workforce to complete the development.

It is crucial for you to consider all of these resources, and if you fall short, fret not. Partner with a credible and reliable enterprise app development company such as CDN Solutions Group.

We have worked with clients both offshore and onshore. With a laser-sharp focus on your requirements (both communicated and hidden), we work proactively so you can maximize your ROI from enterprise app development.

Look at our portfolio and drop us a quick message so we can assist you with a tailored enterprise solution.

Useful Tips To Choose An Ideal E-commerce Development Company

Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

Every brick and mortar retail business today is trying to build their online presence with an E-commerce portal. According to a report by Statista, retail e-commerce sales amounted to 10.2 percent of all retail sales worldwide in 2017. The share is expected to reach 17.5 percent in 2021. Retail businesses are joining hands with E-commerce development companies to become a successful online selling platform.

However, we already see cut-throat competition in the online marketplaces of today- a fact that makes it harder for businesses to rely on an E-commerce website design company before considering several factors. In the case of E-commerce, businesses don’t get a second chance at leaving a good first impression. The overall look and feel of an E-commerce website sets the tone for the customer and leads him through the check-out.

But, before we discuss how a retail business can choose an E-commerce solutions provider, let’s take a look at why brick and mortar businesses are rapidly moving towards E-commerce.

The Benefits of Going Online – Justifying the Surge in E-commerce

E-commerce has become the holy grail for retailers and their customers. Here are a few benefits of going online with an E-commerce store for businesses –

Reach a Wider Audience – With an E-commerce website, you can defy the geographical limitations of a physical store. The world becomes your playground and you can choose a customer segment you want to target according to demographics, interests, and other customer preferences, without bothering about the whereabouts of your customers.

Acquire New Customers – With better search engine visibility, you open your business to customers from around the world. Search engines help customers land on your website when they search for a relevant product, even if they never heard about you before. This is an additional source of traffic not available to physical retail stores.

Lower Costs – A brick and mortar store needs a prominent physical location to operate and flourish, while an E-commerce store needs no estate for its presence. Advertising and marketing for E-commerce are cost-effective endeavors, thanks to social media traffic generation, pay-per-click advertising and other forms of marketing. Also, if you automate parts of your business such as payment processing, invoicing, inventory management, and email communications, you can operate an E-commerce store with fewer employees than what a physical retail business needs. You can pass on these cost savings to your customers in the form of discounts and deals they’ll love.

Allow Group Buying, Bargains, and Coupons – Online shopping has a more convenient way of passing down benefits to the customers as opposed to a physical store. Customers love getting discount coupons for online shopping as they can leverage them from the comfort of their homes.

Personalized Experiences – This is something a physical store would not allow you to do. Personalize each customer’s experience to their liking. Offering relevant recommendations and showing products that they are more likely to buy can improve your sales and profit.

Availability – As opposed to a retail store in the neighborhood, your E-commerce store will be up and running 24/7. This means round-the-clock availability and convenience to your customers. And, for you, this means more business and sales.

Targeted Communications – With an E-commerce store, you can better utilize email communications and make them super-targeted for your audience. Using the information your customers provide to you when they sign up, you can send them targeted recommendations, invites for referral programs, discounts, etc.

If you are convinced by now, we know you are wondering which E-commerce solutions provider would be the best for you. Let’s explore some tips –

Tips to Pick The Right E-commerce Website Development Company

Depending on your unique needs, you can pick the best e-commerce development company. Here are a few quick tips to help you-

Look at their Portfolio – Before beginning discussions with an E-commerce development company, take a close look at what they have developed and delivered so far. Evaluate their portfolio to get an idea of the kind of work they have done in the past. It helps to choose an E-commerce web development company that has developed websites similar to what you need. Additionally, don’t just look at the home page screenshots of the websites they have in their portfolio. Go to the websites and navigate through them. Take note of the elements you like and those you don’t.

Interact with a Developer – An interaction between you and a developer will help you learn about the expertise level of the company. On your call with the developer, allow them to suggest features and functionalities for your E-commerce website as per your needs. Assess their expertise as per the ideas they have for your E-commerce website.

Check Reviews and Testimonials – Validate each company’s credibility through their reviews and testimonials. Reviews will help you learn more about your E-commerce development vendor by looking at what previous clients have to say about their experience. If they shower appreciation for their technical expertise, proactive communication, rapid delivery, and so on, this company may be the right fit for you.

Cost of Development – Every enterprise has a budget for each investment they make into their business. If you can expand your budget for the right E-commerce development company, you can be flexible with your pricing options. But, if you don’t want to go beyond a certain limit, discuss cost with transparency. Make sure there are no hidden charges involved and that you’re not in for a surprise.

Website Designing – E-commerce websites need a different set of designing skills than other kinds of websites. An E-commerce website should have exclusive design features of being intuitive, immersive, and easily navigable. Look for designers on the development team and arrange a meeting where you can ask them about the trends in E-commerce website designing and gauge their proficiency. An E-commerce website’s design affects its search engine rankings, too.

Deadlines – If you are in haste to go live with your E-commerce portal and need a development company who can deliver one as fast as possible, deadlines would be another factor important to you while deciding a development partner. Time to market is anyway a crucial parameter as you would not want to wait for a year before getting your website ready. A reliable E-commerce web development company will complete your project in a justifiable period as they would have a team of qualified developers to support your project.

Post-Deployment Support – The E-commerce website development company you choose should be ready to provide service after you launch the website. This is crucial as you may need technical help after the go-live, and you don’t want any downtime on your website. Having a single vendor handle your website will reduce operational hassles for you.

Use these tips for hiring the right E-commerce web development company. You want a firm that will understand your vision for your website and will realize it by openly communicating with you and allowing you to set expectations.

CDN Software Solutions is an E-commerce development company that specializes in building responsive E-commerce websites that are intuitive and immersive. You want to offer your customers experiences they will love. So, an E-commerce development company who can deliver tailored UI/UX for your audience will be the right option for you.

Tell us about your E-commerce portal idea and we will help you strategize it and implement it.Contact us today!

From Ideas to Execution- What CeBIT ASEAN 2018 is All About

Friday, October 12th, 2018

The innovation and digitization festival- as it is popularly called- CeBIT ASEAN 2018 is right around the corner. At Hall 7-8, IMPACT Exhibition & Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand, Oct 18 – 20 will attract technology businesses, enablers, and enthusiasts in Southeast Asia, from various industries. The event covers the entire breadth of technology in all sectors and proves to be a great place to-

  • Ideate your next IT business solutions
  • Look for custom software development companies . You may also like – Sure-Shot Steps to Choose the Best Software Development Company
  • Partner with IT companies who work with the latest technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, Blockchain, etc.
  • Take a glance at the best and most effective enterprise mobility solutions developed by exhibiting businesses
  • Learn about the buzz in the tech sector
  • Brainstorm ideas with consultants and IT developers to expand your business.

Not just that, CeBIT ASEAN 2018 is also a great opportunity for new professionals in the IT industry to look at what’s happening in the IT space.

Smart Cities, Internet of Things, and other Exhibitor Profiles at CeBIT ASEAN 2018

CeBIT ASEAN this year would be nothing short of exciting. Here are the exhibitor profiles for Top IT Service Provider at CeBIT Thailand 2018

Communication, Network Infrastructure & Security – Learn from these exhibitors how you can enhance your internal network and communication infrastructure and make it cost-effective. Also, know how the best IT companies secure their data and information while it flows.

Data and Cloud Technology – Data is on the rise. Watch out for exhibitors in this area who highlight how cloud and data can function together in a secure environment. Learn how to migrate existing legacy systems to cloud with no loss or hazard.

IT Business Solutions – These exhibitors shine the light on how technology can spur growth in any business and help achieve important KPIs. Often, traditional operations begin to hold businesses back as they grow. Turn to digital solutions that may change the way you operate, forever.

Peripherals and Accessories – Laying down infrastructure in your organization? Keep an eye on these exhibitors who offer peripherals and accessories to businesses. Explore the wide variety of hardware and pick your options carefully.

IoT and Digital Smart Technology – Smart cities, smart homes, and what not. These exhibitors and IT companies explore the exciting waters of the Internet of Things and how it can induce intelligence into your operations.

Emerging Technologies – Exhibitors at CeBIT ASEAN 2018 also showcase emerging technologies such as AR, robotics, VR, 3D printing, and so on. Explore the interesting applications of these technologies for your business.

Every web and mobile app development company at CeBIT ASEAN 2018 will put its best foot forward to feature its most applauded IT solutions, enterprise mobility solutions, and mobile apps.
Discuss ideas and gain business momentum with IT.

Ideas Meet Executors at CeBIT ASEAN 2018

CeBIT ASEAN is designed in a way to encourage ideas and brainstorm their effective implementation. Here we list the critical segments of the event and what they focus on-

d!conomy – Here, software development companies and technology makers exhibit their innovative and cutting-edge solutions. As companies showcase their work, they get the opportunity to meet executives from businesses with purchasing power. This is where collaborations and partnerships happen.

Looking for a technology partner to improve business efficiency, customer engagement, employee productivity? Meet CDN Solutions Group at CeBIT at stand D13.

d!tec – The international startup community comes together to meet mentors, investors, accelerators, and incubators. Companies with less than ten employees who have been in business for two years or less are welcome to this phase of the event to plan their growth.

d!talk – Looking to get inspired and gain knowledge? This is for you. Speakers and experts on technology share their expertise on artificial intelligence, big data and analytics, cyber security, and smart manufacturing. Earn enormous knowledge from those who have tried, tested, and implemented technologies.

d!campus – This is the fourth phase targeted for key exhibitors and sponsors to display and demo their IT products and services right next to the fun zone with band performances and street food.

CeBIT ASEAN 2018 expects 8000 visitors from over 30 countries and plans to host about 500 business meetings. In this high-energy atmosphere, make sure you meet the right IT companies and join hands with the right partners.

Mobile App Development Companies at CeBIT ASEAN 2018

CDN Solutions Group is exhibiting at CeBIT ASEAN 2018. And, we are pumped to be present at this mega event.

CDN Software Solutions is a leader in implementing and experimenting with the latest technologies. Be it artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, blockchain, AR/VR, or smart cities technologies, we have always been on the front of any change.

Through our extensive experience of almost two decades, we find ourselves with the knowledge and expertise needed to solve pressing business challenges with technologies. CDN Software Solutions is an award winning web and app development company.

Our clients vouch for us. As is evident from the fact that 80% of our business comes from repeat customers. We know this is because-

  • We offer IT business solutions in leading technologies.
  • Our developers stand out from the crowd for their passion and dedication.
  • We attempt to look at your data and understand your business before jumping into implementation.
  • It is always a no-hassle partnership with us.
  • We respect your privacy and our values as an IT partner.
  • We quote cost-effective prices and steer clear of hidden charges.
  • Our developers and designers build apps and solutions that offer seamless experiences as well as rich functionalities.

If that’s not all, look at our portfolio.

We have successfully developed and deployed 600+ mobile apps and house a team of about 300 meticulous mobile app developers. Having served over 32 countries with our development services, we are eager to try our hands on truly global or location-specific business challenges.

Looking for an enterprise app development company with a proficient team of developers, flexible engagement models, a seamless process of development, and transparency in communication?

We are showcasing our best work at CeBIT ASEAN Thailand 2018. Strike a conversation with us at stand D13. Consult us with your IT roadmap, discuss possible solutions, and explore the possibilities of IT in your business.

We are coming to CeBIT ASEAN 2018. Let’s meet and brainstorm.

7 Things to Consider When Choosing Your IT Solutions Provider

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

Availing IT outsourcing services such as website hosting, emails, software development and maintenance have become commonplace for businesses of all shapes and sizes. But, enterprise IT solutions have grown beyond and above their boundaries. According to a report by Statista, in 2017, software application development was outsourced by 64% IT leaders worldwide. Software application maintenance was the next IT service in line, outsourced by 51% of respondents.

With organizations looking to cut down costs, improve efficiency, and expand delivery of services, outsourcing IT business solutions has become the norm. However, with a plethora of IT solutions providers everywhere, a business may face the dilemma of picking the right service provider for their needs. Before looking at some factors that can help you choose the right IT solutions provider, let’s take a look at the top reasons why businesses use IT outsourcing services.

Top 5 Reasons Businesses Choose Outsourced IT Services

Managed IT services and software development outsourcing services have become the top priorities for any organization to conquer. When companies look at making processes efficient, they believe in focusing on what they do best and outsource everything someone else would do better. IT services fall under the latter category.

Here are the top reasons why businesses outsource IT and software development-

Cost Savings – Cost for setting up an internal IT department can include networking equipment, hardware, infrastructure, labor, and maintenance costs, apart from the hiring costs of skilled personnel and their training. However, when a business relies on outsourced IT business services, they can easily predict their monthly expenses and take measures to control it- leading to cost-efficiency.

Business Uptime – Most business today rely on a software product- either a website or a mobile device application to keep their business up and running. Any downtime in these software solutions would cost these businesses dearly. To avoid losing money from downtime, businesses today prefer joining hands with an IT partner to help them keep things sorted. By maximizing uptime, businesses can drive the most out of their employees and have their staff focus on essential business objectives- rather than fixing bugs that a software company would know better.

Proactive Resolution to IT Issues – When a business associates with an IT solutions provider, they no longer have to worry about the IT infrastructure or their software product. While an IT business service provider keeps track of anomalies, managers can focus on other crucial aspects of business such as marketing, sales, etc.

Tap into Disruptive Technologies – With an IT business solutions provider, companies can strategize digital transformation and see how they can leverage leading technologies such as AR/VR, iBeacon, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Internet of Things, and so on. Without an IT partner, organizations often fail to discover how these technologies can help them improve business efficiency, customer engagement, and other important ROIs. However, with IT consulting services, organizations can clearly see how IT services can impact their business.

Tailored Consulting – With an outsourced IT consulting services provider, you can expect customized consulting for your business. These are the companies that look at your business- its USP, the loopholes, and the technologies you use. Then, they go ahead and learn about your business goals, after which they plan a strategy for you to achieve these goals by leveraging the latest technology and IT services.

If you have made up your mind to outsource essential IT business needs, let’s learn how you can choose the right solutions provider.

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How to Pick the Right IT Solutions Provider

You may be surrounded by a sea of IT consulting services businesses. But, not all IT services companies can cater to your specific needs. It is for this reason that you need to understand how important the process of selecting an IT partner is.

With the right IT consulting services provider, you will get customized services that are right for your business and fulfill your needs. Consider the following factors while choosing an IT solutions provider for your company-

Your Desired Goals – Don’t let IT services vendor dictate the terms. While IT business services companies have their own selling tagline, know what’s important for your business. Make sure you get answers regarding your priorities and understand what the company can do for you and how effectively. Pin the vendor down on deliverables essential to you, and your software solution will have higher chances of success.

Product Usability and Features – Not every IT services organization offers a digital solution that works on paper and after implementation too. Just because they show you a list of comprehensive features, in theory, doesn’t mean they can justify their significance. You need an IT solution provider who focuses on your needs as opposed to the needs of the software product. What might make sense for a software solution to have may not make sense for your business.

Support – Some IT solution providers have a notorious reputation of dissolving into thin air when things get a bit shaky. Make sure to choose an IT business solutions provider who will be there for you when there’s a hitch. Any partnership is fruitful when there’s accountability. And, you want your IT partner to help you resolve the most minor of glitches after they have successfully deployed your project.

Hidden Charges – You don’t want any surprise element when it comes to the costing of your software or IT services needs. Therefore, look at every contract you sign and make sure you are not being sold a higher package and added benefits in the garb of hidden charges. Discuss this openly with your IT outsourcing services provider and keep things transparent from the very beginning. Any hidden charges billed later can cause significant discomfort to your budget.

Partnership Modes – There are many arrangements to get IT services delivered for your business. Some businesses get into remote software development by outsourcing the process entirely. Some other companies prefer to hire a couple of developers from IT solutions providers who they manage directly and get software applications developed. And, some businesses need to meet locally with their vendors before finalizing and starting to work together. Which of these businesses represents you? Your choice of the right IT business solutions provider will also depend on the engagement model you prefer.

Exit Strategy – What if things don’t go well between you and your IT solutions vendor and you need to divorce them? Defining an exit strategy saves a lot of troublesome discussions, time, and effort when and if such a situation arises. To save yourself a lot of head-space, define an exit strategy before getting into a contract. This way, if things don’t go well, you will still have a pre-defined workable strategy to end things constructively.

Expertise and Innovation – When it comes to software development specifically, a development team proficient in all the latest technologies can be helpful for your business. Therefore, if this matters to you, consider talking to a couple of your prospective vendor’s developers. By talking to them, you will understand more about what they are comfortable working with. You can also learn about the company’s past projects where they have implemented an innovative out-of-the-box solution.

The right blend of business ethics and technical expertise makes an enterprise IT solution provider the best one. With open communication and proactive spirit, the right service provider will make you feel at ease and motivated towards your business goals.

These factors are key to determining which IT solutions vendor would be the right fit for your business. As a vendor of IT business solutions, CDN Software Solutions works to improve your business’ efficiency and productivity with leading technologies. With a wealth of experience catering to different industries, we have gained credibility in the industry for being an innovative and fast-growing IT solutions provider.

Discuss your next IT transformation with us, and we will take you through ideation and implementation! Contact us !