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Top Tech Events You Can’t Afford to Miss in 2018

Monday, August 13th, 2018
Top Tech Events You Can't Afford to Miss in 2018

Top Tech Events You Can’t Afford to Miss in 2018 | Meet CDN Software Solutions

The tech industry is always rife with developments and innovations. Talk about the digital transformation businesses are opting for or the way technology is revolutionizing every aspect of our being, there is a lot to explore for anyone who cares even a tad bit about technology and its implications on the business sphere and ultimately our lives. Tech enthusiasts come together several times a year at the top tech events to discuss new challenges and embark on new developments in their industries.

We have compiled a list of tech conferences happening in 2018 that are too important to be missed for businesses looking to partner with a technology company, companies in the technology space, and freelance web and mobile app developers wanting to stay on top of trends. These technology events are where the changemakers come together to plan and carve the future of technology in all leading industries.

HKTDC International ICT Expo

This event organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council garnered 600+ exhibitors and 32,000+ visitors from all across Asia. Some major exhibits in this tech event lie in the domains of Digital Infrastructure, Digital Marketing and E-commerce, home-grown innovations, Enterprise solutions, Startups, Trade-related services, smart devices and accessories, and Retail technologies. CDN Software Solutions exhibits cutting-edge technology solutions at this leading tech event and we invite you all for the next chapter in April 2019. If you are looking for a reliable tech partner, meet us at HKTDC International ICT Expo, Hong Kong.

HKTDC International ICT Expo


This international B2B networking event is organized by ESC India and attracts 60+ countries with 200+ exhibitors and 400+ buyers. While the purpose of this event is to bring service providers and those in need of those services together, it becomes focal to the technological developments in India and invites exhibitors to showcase their best tech projects to guests from all over the world. The event will be next organized in early February in 2019 in Hyderabad, India and is a key event for any software development company in India. CDN Software Solutions marks its presence at the event and looks forward to engaging in meaningful conversations. We are always ready to offer our services to businesses looking to leverage technology as a means to eradicate operational challenges.


MWC Barcelona

The largest tech event for mobility solutions in the world, the Mobile World Congress Barcelona brings together mobile enthusiasts from all over the world. Everyone from mobile device manufacturers to tech enablers and patent owners gathers at the event to make technology happen on-the-go. This is also a sought-after event for developers and tech influencers who wish to stay ahead of the trends in the mobility industry. Frequented by over 100,000 attendees, 2,400+ exhibitors, and 7,700+ executive-level participants, this event combines mobility and technology like no other. From mobile phones to wearables, drones, and mobile technologies, MWC Barcelona is the top tech event for any mobile development company or business looking to partner with a mobile app development firm. CDN Software Solutions is a regular exhibitor at the event. We bring forth some of our most significant works in the area of mobile applications and engage in networking and partnering with businesses who want to leverage mobile technologies. This technology event will be organized late in February of 2019.

Mobile World Congress Barcelona

MWC Americas

MWC Americas is yet to happen this year. The event will commence on September 12, 2018, in Los Angeles. The two-day conference would focus on all developments in the mobility space, the networking innovations and the advent of 5G. Besides these, the global top tech event will also revolve around the leading technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Wearables, Machine Learning, Big Data, Blockchain, and the Internet of Things. CDN Software Solutions is exhibiting at the MWC Americas 2018. We are there to help businesses across leading industries get a grasp of what mobility solutions can help them resolve operational challenges and bridge the gap between them and digital transformation. Looking for an IT consultancy company at MWCA 2018? Meet us at Hall West Stand W.419.

Mobile World Congress Americas

CeBIT Australia

The Asia Pacific business technology enterprises rely on CeBIT Australia to come to terms with the latest happenings in the business technologies. CeBIT Australia celebrated its 17th year of running in 2018 and the event was a huge success. Inviting SMEs, startups, and tech-enablers from all across the globe, the event helps businesses meet decision makers they can help with technology solutions. Speakers at this year’s CeBIT Australia tech event hailed from Symantec, Thulium, Alibaba, and Yamaha Motors, among many others. The IT event brings together influencers and changemakers in the tech space to discuss the trends that are already happening and those that need to be shaped. Join CDN Software Solutions at CeBIT Australia in 2019.

CeBIT Germany

This computer expo and trade fair will next be organized late into June 2019. Conferences that take place in CeBIT Germany revolve around how digital transformation is shaping the business landscape of today and paving the path for more changes to come tomorrow. Revolutionary IT solutions and concepts are a regular phenomenon at this top tech event. CDN Software Solutions adds to the excitement of being a part of the event as an exhibitor. We bring to the table our consultancy services, mobile and web development services, and many more IT enabling services to help businesses better their operational efficiency and productivity.


CeBIT India

India being at the tipping point of a digital revolution, CeBIT India gives tech companies a platform to participate in the making of a digital India. With the second largest country in the world, businesses get to expand their reach and make an impact. Laying the groundwork for digital transformation, this IT event brings the brightest innovators, trendsetters, and businesses making tech happen all under one roof. There is something for everyone at CeBIT India and CDN Software Solutions finds it a great platform to put forth best innovations and creations in the field of business technology.

CeBIT Thailand

CeBIT ASEAN Thailand is the top tech event for any business creating new solutions geared towards transforming operations, data & cloud, IoT & Smart technology, network infrastructure and security, emerging technologies, or peripherals and accessories. Tech businesses will convene at CeBIT Thailand between 18-20 October in Bangkok. CDN Software Solutions is debuting at this top IT conference event with the latest solutions and applications in emerging technologies.

Gitex Dubai

This annual computer technology trade show will take place between October 14-18 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. With 130+ countries joining at the top tech event, this year is going to be massive for everyone in the tech space. With better experiences, tech-driven conferences, and networking opportunities galore, Gitex Dubai promises a ton of value and worth for all technology businesses and those looking to partner with them. CDN Software Solutions is celebrating its 10th year of exhibiting at Gitex Dubai. We have been consistent in marking our presence at this global IT tech event and we are set to visit with our best offerings this year too!

38th GITEX Technology Week


Meet CDN Software Solutions at The Top IT Events and Conferences

Tech events around the world are a great way to stay on top of trends and become aware of the latest innovations in the tech space. CDN Software Solutions is an active participant at these events as we believe that all great innovations take place with collaboration.

We are ready to meet tech enablers and other businesses who could use our services for their benefit. We wish to be the change makers for your business. If you are a tech enthusiast, a business looking to set in a digital transformation in their enterprise, or an innovator, we are ready to meet you with fresh ideas and strategies.

How Technology is Connecting Businesses to Its End Users

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

Connected technology is the latest buzz term in technology industry. Tech giants are trying all possible methods to make businesses connected. Smart, connected technology is offering exponentially expanding opportunities for businesses. So below are some benefits you can take, if you implement connected technology to your business;

  • You can control things without contacting someone
  • You can enjoy the lighter side of work life balance
  • You can make decisions from anywhere
  • Fraud chances will disappear

So these are some of the biggest benefits you can avail if you implement connected technology to your business. Now it’s time to introduce you the technologies which can connect your business to its end users.

Internet of Things: IoT is not a new term for anyone; it is trending from the time it was introduced to us. Many big companies are taking advantage of IIoT (industrial Internet of Things) to connect with their end users easily.

At CDN Solutions Group, we are developing IoT solutions from its evolution and we have best hands to develop your IoT product. Till now, we have developed IoT products for industries such as Security, Social Networking, Consumers, Health-care, Retail, etc.


Now we are coming to Gitex Technology Week 2017 to showcase some of our exclusive connected technology solutions at booth SR-F4 in Sheikh Rashid Hall, Dubai World Trade Center during 8th to 12th OCT.

Cloud-based Technologies: Connected technologies are all about data and instructions and cloud based technologies are playing a vital role in this. At CDN Solutions Group, we have developed cloud technology solutions that will solve all your connected business pain areas.

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Connected Apps: Businesses are from employees and when employees work as a team, it will provide tremendous results to business and reach to a new height. So apps that are specific to employees are on mount these days.


At CDN Solutions Group, we have developed employee centric apps to help business overcome from pain areas. Meet us at Gitex Technology Week 2017 if you require something similar.

So these are some connected technologies that can connect your business to its end users. Want to know more about it? Fix a meeting with us in Gitex Dubai 2017 and get free consultation of how to connect your business to technologies in a way that you meet your end users.

The delegates of CDN Solutions Group will be available at stand SR-F4 in Sheikh Rashid Hall. Contact us here to pre-fix a meeting with us in Gitex Technology Week 2017.

Reasons to Attend Gitex Technology Week 2017 Event

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

Why people attend trade shows?

  • To meet industry leaders and tech giants face to face?
  • To get best deals from exhibitors?
  • To avail networking opportunities?
  • Learn about new space?
  • To take their business on global level?

Well, the above can be considered as the first five reasons to attend any trade show. When we talk about trade shows then the biggest one that captures my mind is Gitex Technology Week So let me give you the reasons why should you exactly attend Gitex technology Week 2017 (8th – 12th OCT, 2017) Dubai show.

Gitex Technology Week is all about Technology, Hardware, Softwares, Products, Buyers and Suppliers with focus on Internet of Things, Augmented Reality App Development, Virtual Reality Solution Development, Wearable Technology Solutions, Hardware Integration Solutions, Location Based Technology Solutions, Smart Industrial Solutions such as Smart Manufacturing, Smart Healthcare, Smart Retail, Smart Education, Smart Finance, Smart Travelling, and more.

Not all events cover multiple trends in technology and industry under one roof. So Gitex Technology Week 2017 is a great opportunity to explore and expand your business and skills and take your organisation into next level.


We at CDN Solutions Group are exhibiting in Gitex Technology Week 2017 for 9th consecutive time . We are an IT service provider company specialised in web app development, mobile app development, eCommerce development, software development and latest technology solutions. Our delegates are ready to present before you exclusive solutions related to your industry vertical that will definitely solve your pain areas in business at stand SR-F4 in Sheikh Rashid Hall, Dubai World Trade Center.

CDN Solutions Group to Drive Latest Technology Agenda at Gitex Dubai 2017

  • Our world is becoming increasingly digital and technical, so as a technology service provider company, we prepared a vision report of Middle East industries who have yet not overcome from their digitalization and technological pain areas and based on that data we will come up with specific solutions.
  • Throughout GITEX Technology Week CDN Solutions Group will showcase how digitalization and technologies are impacting industries.
  • Visitors at GITEX Dubai at stand SR-F4 can experience CDN Solutions Group future vision of technologies for industries through multiple demos.

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So what are you waiting for, get in touch with us for your app development, custom software development or latest technology development requirements and do not miss to avail free pass to explore the Gitex Technology Week 2017 event from us. (Passes are Limited).

Transforming Concepts into Realities at Gitex Dubai 2017

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

Gitex stands for Gulf Information Technology Exhibition. The event is featured for the whole week. Gitex Technology Week is a great opportunity for the decision makers and the attendees in the information technology and innovation industry to get together. Gitex always brings the latest advancements in technology and also lay the ground for future developments. So as a technology service provider company, what exactly attracts us to exhibit in Gitex Dubai event is the opportunity to transforming concepts into realities.

CDN Solutions Group is exhibiting in Gitex Technology Week from last 8 years, and this will be our 9th consecutive time of participation in Gitex Dubai 2017. We feel grateful and thankful to Gitex Technology Week for providing us the great platform to showcase our innovative solutions at the global level, give us a chance to guide startups by converting their one liner concepts into a full fledged solution, learn about new technologies, and guide businesses about latest possibilities in industrial solutions.


Gitex Technology Week is a platform where you can:

  • Network with the top industry and technology leaders
  • Generate new businesses
  • Learn how you can adapt new technologies
  • Find new prospects
  • Make your business presence global
  • Convert your concepts into realities


At Gitex Technology Week, we have had met with so many attendees who had a startup idea but they din’t know what to do next and how to proceed further. So we guide them that what their next possible step could be by communicating our exclusive tips for startups such as;

  • To prepare for challenges.
  • How to choose technologies to go long lasting, secure and effective.
  • How to do better from competitors.
  • Unique ideas to market and promote your ideas.
  • And as you get progressed, be open to collaborate with someone who add value to your business.

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So if you are a start-up looking for a desired solution then drop by our stand SR-F4 Sheikh Rashid Hall. We are proud to share that our solution have helped our clients from Dubai (Delivery Champ – an online food delivery system and Salad Jar- an online Salad delivery solution) to collaborate with each other and grow their business. Not only start-ups we also serve other industry verticals such as retail, consumer, enterprises, government, etc. With solutions like online ticket booking, online shopping, connected devices, money lending, taxi booking, location based, job portals, workflow management, warehouse management and many more.

Overall, Gitex 2017 will be he next biggest technology show, where you can explore latest technology solutions. You can meet us in 37th Gitex Technology Week 2017 to transform your ideas into reality at stand SR-F4 in Sheikh Rashid Hall, Dubai. Connect with us now and feel free to fix a meeting to meet in Gitex Dubai 2017 by clicking here.

Smart Manufacturing Solutions at Gitex Dubai 2017

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Smart Manufacturing is no longer new to manufacturing experts and strategists. If it makes you wonder what really entails Smart Manufacturing, let’s start you with what the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) thinks Smart Manufacturing is-

“Smart Manufacturing comprises of systems that are fully-integrated, collaborative manufacturing systems that respond in real time to meet changing demands and conditions in the factory, in the supply network, and in customer needs.”

Smart Manufacturing is being labeled as the next Industrial Revolution, and we second that. There’s no denying the fact that Technology is disrupting the traditional ways in which the world once functioned.


How can your business benefit out of Smart Manufacturing?There are numerous ways in which your business can flourish with the apt employment of Smart Manufacturing.

  • Deliver the high-level customization requirements of your consumers through the extensive yet subtle use of smart manufacturing
  • Improved productivity with smarter machines that would function without or with least manual interference.
  • Increased energy efficiency with smart manufacturing will lead to gaining an advantage in the competition.
  • Derive valuable insights from your business through digitized data which is captured at various points in your flow of manufacturing.
  • Better risk management with automatic detection of faults and quick decision making of the machine to shutter a disaster.

Make your machines smarter and join the world in the Industry 4.0 ride.

Technologies at the core of Smart Manufacturing

  • Industrial Internet of Things – Internet of Things has found its place in the manufacturing vertical and it is drastically changing the way factories functioned. IIoT is essentially the phenomenon of making the machine smart. The first step to undertake is to link it to the Internet.
  • Smart Sensors – Smart sensors are the very core of the concept that Smart Manufacturing is. Sensors installed at various points within a manufacturing work-flow lead to real-time data processing and decision-making when a faulty condition calls for it.
  • Data Analytics – What good is data if not analyzed. Data Analytics is the whole purpose of Smart Manufacturing. The Data yielded from the “smart” machines is either stored for later studies to derive useful insights, or used as it comes to take crucial on-point emergency decisions on-the-go.

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How can CDN Solutions Group help you grow “SMART”

Achieve operational excellence in your business with our Smart Manufacturing solutions that we are exhibiting at the Gitex Technology Week 2017, Dubai. We don’t want you to be “data-rich and insight-poor” because that is worse than not having chosen smart manufacturing anyway. The amount of investment that goes into turning a factory “smart”, only pays off if the data gathered is put to exercise.

Our technically competent team at CDN Solutions Group will ensure that your business thrives well and also smartly. We are bringing our cutting-edge technology solutions for all your Smart Manufacturing complications to the Gitex Dubai 2017 event, a five-day Tech-packed event (8th to 12th October) to be held at the Sheikh Rashid Hall, Dubai World Trade Centre at stand SR-F4.

If you’re not moving fast enough in this high-paced Technology-driven world, you are probably moving backward. Smart Manufacturing Solutions at Gitex Dubai 2017 by CDN Solutions Group will seek to add that flair to your manufacturing process while you embrace Industry 4.0 in all its glory. So fix a meeting with us here to meet in Gitex Dubai 2017 during the event to discuss your pain areas of business.