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How Information Technology has Reformed Agriculture

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

We are in mid of 2017 and many new technologies and trends are introduced in this year and is still counting. We are a technology lover and crazy talking about information technology. So here we will share our views on how information technology has transformed Agriculture sector. While some people might think that IT is only connected with powerful modern gadgets, Agriculture sector has not remain untouched. Today IT plays a vital role for decision making in Agriculture.

Along with improving the efficiency of farmer’s productivity in agriculture and various activities; the contribution of IT in improving life of farmers by providing timely data for decision making, is remarkable. We all know that agriculture is an important and crucial sector hence its proper functioning is vital for human survival. So lets have a look at some of applications of IT in agriculture :

  • Wireless technologies: There are many applications used in agriculture but the main use of this technology is “Closed circuit television camera system”. Farmers can use this technology according to them.
  • Global Positioning System: Global positioning system provides benefits in Map Making, Geo fencing, surveying etc.
  • Automated systems: Automated systems have reduced the cost of production with perfection with less loss and time.
  • Smartphone mobile apps in agriculture: Some of the very big agriculture organisation give apps to the users. This apps provides useful information about farming, free Voice call, live support, Advance seed updating, soil information, how to use, information about latest equipment and many more.


  • RFID: The main purpose of RFID technology is provide easier identification to use relevant data for example: bearer’s place, name of breeder, origin of livestock, sex, and dates of movement etc.
  • E-learning: E-learning is offered by Government at free of cost any through which one can learn about agriculture and improve quality of outputs. Professional provide tested information about agriculture and farming to the farmers.
  • E-commerce: E-commerce offer the online purchasing of agriculture goods and equipment at different ranges. User can choose the items according to needs.
  • Agricultural resources and services management.
  • Computer-aided manufacturing and design.

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These applications have given new wings to agriculture opening new door of possibilities. The main purpose of IT in agriculture is to expand agriculture, learn new techniques of agriculture, less input to generate more output, latest updates, smart work, maintain quality, increase productivity, zero loss etc..

It is absolutely clear, Information technology and Agricultural are working together and make new possibilities and advancement in farming. In future we can see next level of evolution in agriculture. May be Artificial intelligence and other new technologies get involved in agriculture, just think about it.

SaaS Vs. Custom e-Commerce platforms – Which is better for Retailers?

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

Whether you are a start-up company or an established retailer, developing a successful e-commerce business is not an easy task. There are many factors that must be kept in mind before deciding on a platform that best fits your business needs. Development costs, operational costs, maintenance costs and ongoing marketing costs must all be a part of developing a realistic budget. Like any other business, it takes money to make money.

Many E-commere companies have emerged as a pioneer in developing Saas based as well as custom built E-commerce solution. But before approaching an E-commerce firm big question is which one in better – SAAS or custom built e-commerce solution.


Believe us, being an e-commerce solution provider firm we know that the clients faces this confusion very often. We have worked with lot of companies, varying from Enterprise, Retail, Consumers to Start-ups, to plan and execute SAAS based as well as e-commerce solution. The initial conversation is almost always the same and starts with excitement until they realize how much is involved. Most people underestimate e-commerce both in terms of the level of investment and the resources necessary to operate a viable website. In order to be successful, it takes a continual investment in strategy, development, marketing and customer service.

The “Buy vs. Build” battle has been furious in IT circles for quite some time, and for some manufacturers and wholesale distributors looking to invest in eCommerce software, that battle is still being fought. The arrival of software as a service (SaaS) eCommerce solutions is making it easier than ever for businesses of all sizes to implement customized B2B eCommerce portals with minimal up-front costs. At the same time, some companies are still actively considering custom eCommerce development.
Here you can find the pros. and cons. Of each platform:

SaaS eCommerce Applications-

  • Lower implementation cost
  • Lower total cost of ownership & IT involvement
  • Better support for mobile users

Custom eCommerce Development-

  • Higher initial and ongoing costs
  • Less scalable and adaptable
  • Customization

To avoid acquire steep costs and operational downtime for your e-commerce site, going with a custom-built platform will prove to be more beneficial in the long run. Although it requires slightly higher initial investment costs and a great deal of maintenance, businesses can cut development time by hiring certified developers who will provide their expertise and support to get the platform on the market faster so your business can reap rewards quicker.

For more information on custom e-commerce platform development services, visit here.


There are pros and cons to each approach and it’s true that you do get what you pay for. No matter which path you choose for the development of your e-commerce business make certain that you choose an experienced, reliable and accessible partner.

Learn how to pick the best ERP solution for your business?

Monday, May 1st, 2017

As we know Wholesale Distributors Are Driving Success With Cloud-Based ERP system.

In this digital generation, there is a huge gap between the success level of an ERP user and a distributor who manually manages business. Competition is intense, Managing inventory and suppliers is progressively complicated, because customers want quality products at low prices. Reliable data is fundamental for promoting profits and growth. This are the questions to get the information you need to choose the management solution that will support your business today and well into the future.


Learn how to go for the best one for your business type

Disconnected software systems are costing you both time and money and putting customer relationships at risk. It’s time to replace aging software with a more powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution and there are many systems to choose from. Being a consistent IT service provider company we have delivered multiple ERP solutions for our global clients. You can see our ERP solution work on our CDN Solutions Group portfolio.

So, here’s a sample of what you need to consider as you get started on your journey.
Do we have consolidate access to customer information?

An extensive, integrated ERP solution will centralize data, making it easier for sales and service agents to access customer data and respond quickly to customer demand.

  • How will demand outlining and anticipation accuracy improve?

By distributed data, you will be able to use sales, inventory and customer data to improve anticipating, control inventory replenishment, alleviate supply chain disruption and predict product and customer trends.

  • Will we have full clarity across the supply chain?

Integrated ERP system will provide insight into the entire distribution and retail network, including external business partners, to identify ways to cut costs, improve collusion and bring products to market faster.

  • How will we conclude customer behavior?

Dashboards, analysis tools, customer data management and other business intelligence features personalize customer engagement. With machine learning, you can target betterment to customers and boost cross-sales and up-sales based on historical purchases.

  • Will ERP emerge to meet changing business commitments?

Cloud-based ERP is formable and adaptable to meet market demands and changing business operations. This flexibility offers distributors the ability to be less reactive and more proactive with product and pricing approach, customer services and development into new markets.

Not all ERP are alike and the system that works for one business may not work for yours. So contact CDN Solutions Group for more information and guidance while choosing the right ERP solution to support your specific business needs and goals.

Magento SEO Checklist – Dont Forget to Implement All These in Your Ecommerce Website

Monday, July 11th, 2016

SEO can make or crack any website, but it’s especially critical for magento sites whose success depends on attracting, converting, retaining and delighting the most customers. SEO optimization of a magento site (Ecommerce website) is more complicated that have thousands of product listings.

Before moving towards learning SEO tips for your Magento website optimization, it is important to know why you need search engine optimization (SEO) for your website.

  • Do you prefer online shopping after being redirected from a social networking site or social media site rather than searching for a product on Google? Most of the web users prefer Google for their product before making any online purchase. Therefore, search can ultimately bring more traffic than social sites on your magento store.
  • According to a recent behavioral study, 75% of WWW users do not scroll over the first page of Google search results.
  • A long-standing magento online store receives 68% of its customers through search engines rather than redirection through social media sites.

So these are some Magento SEO facts that you should know before implementing or planning any SEO strategy for your magento website.

Magento SEO Optimization

Here are some effective SEO strategies for your magento store to reached to the loyal or convertible online purchasers: –

Title & Description of Products should be Unique: –

If you are making duplicate title or descriptions for your ecommerce website products than believe me you are creating big hurdle for your website to list in first page of Google. Search engine will find it as duplicate content and will penalize your site. Product descriptions are your opportunity to entice visitors to buy your products.

Incorporate Customer Reviews: –

Product pages with customers positive reviews convert website visitors into product buyers because reviews build credibility and provide social proof to prospective buyers. According to SEO perspective, products pages that features reviews rank higher on Google because reward pages that are frequently updated with unique and fresh content.

Optimize Page Loading Speed: –

40% of visitors to your product pages will leave if your site will not load within three seconds, and 80% of visitors won’t come back on your website if they are unhappy by your website’s loading speed. This factors is also applicable for mobile version of your website.

Use Long Tail Keywords: –

Online buyers who search using a long-tail keyword typically know exactly what they are looking to purchase. So implement long tail keywords in your magento store is a good idea.

Make Navigation Natural: –

The navigation of your magento website should be create in natural way. Dont add the unnecessary categories or products by which the user get confused.

Write Gripping Meta-Data: –

Dont create meta data automatically for product pages. The meta tags of your magento website should be unique, catchy and contain keywords within it. So be sure to include persuasive call-to-action phrase while drawing the metadata text.

Include Product Images & Videos: –

Add effective images & videos in product pages while keeping page load times in mind, and remember to tag them with relevant metadata so they will show up in image based searches as well.

Add Rich Snippets: –

Implementing rich snippets in your Magento website will result better in search results & also achieve higher rankings. Google rewards ecommerce product pages that use rich snippets because the search engine’s goal is to return the most relevant search result to improve the user experience. So dont forget to implement rich snippets on your product pages.

URL Structure Should be Search Friendly: –

According to SEO, every URL should be unique and optimized according to page’s primary keyword. You can use the following URL structure for category & product pages of your ecommerce website:

Category: –

Sub Category Page: –

Product Page: –

Keep Live Your Out-of-Stock Product Pages: –

You will think, why to keep live to your out-of-stock pages while they will not make any revenue? If some of your product will get out-of-stock it means, people are really liking that product or it may ranked on top. So you can take benefit of that product page while showing other relevant products on that page. You can also inform your visitors, when it will be back in stocks.

Optimize Internal Search Functionality: –

Internal search function in a Magento Ecommerce website can return the most relevant search results. So be aware of not to make any spelling mistake in your product or category pages. You can also enable the predictive searches in your internal search function.

Apart from all these, you should frequently test your website for errors, analyse keywords & competitors, monitor Google’s latest algorithm updates.

Isn’t it amazing? At CDN Solutions Group, we have developed many ecommerce websites using latest ecommerce platforms while targeting the revenue generation in mind. If you also need a suggestion or guidance for your ecommerce website, feel free to send us a free quote here.

Best Ecommerce Platforms That will Increase Your Online Business ROI

Friday, June 17th, 2016

E-commerce is an unbeaten online version of regular shopping. It not only offers convenience and flexibility of shopping from home to the buyers, but is a great way for businesses and seller to offer their products beyond your limits.

Moreover an E-commerce permit website provides the most profitable way of promoting your business online. You can reach out to the buyers globally and offer them your products & services directly through the web.

At CDN Software Solutions, you may find all the advanced and result oriented Ecommerce development solutions. Here we are talking about some result generating Ecommerce platforms that will increase your online business ROI.


Magento is truly, a versatile eCommerce platform allowing online retailers to build next-generation web-based online shops with complete focus on usability & design. Magento has one of the most extensive features, you will ever find in its ecommerce software package.

The Magento ecommerce platform contains everything from marketing to customer segmentation. With the open source Magento, you can work on SEO with tools for Google Content APIs, Google sitemaps & search engine friendly URLs.

Ecommerce Platform to Increase Business ROI
Here are some overreaching areas that Magento covers in its solution:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Promotions and conversions
  • Catalog Management and Browsing
  • Checkout Payment and Shipping
  • Product Browsing
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Order Management
  • Persistent Shopping
  • Store Credits
  • Private Sales

So if you are planning to develop your online shop using Magento Ecommerce, at CDN Software Solutions we have a talented and experienced team of magento ecommerce developers who can help you create a success story with your ecommerce site by magento website development. You can visit our Magento Ecommerce Portfolio here.

BigCommerce: –

Bigcommerce is a successful ecommerce development platform which has everything in it to create an e-store. Building, managing, hosting, and growing your online store becomes very easy with Bigcommerce.

BigCommerce platform is setup with aimed primarily at people with no web designing skills. But if you have a little bit knowledge of HTML & CSS, you can easily tweak things around to give your store a unique look and feel.

At CDN Software Solutions we have developed many customized and featured online store solutions. If you also want to create an e-shop with a little budget, BigCommerce platform is the best option for you.


WooCommerce is the popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress in open source. It is designed for small to large-sized e-store sellers who are using WordPress. It is completely customizable, and has a good shopping cart & secure payment gateway. If you know how to handle the WordPress platform and have the required technical knowledge to build custom WordPress template, Woocommerce is the best platform to develop your online shop.


Hybris Ecommerce solution helps you to target your customers better, wherever they are. It is believed to be the next big thing on the eCommerce manifesto. Some of the world’s largest B2B as well as B2C companies have relied on Hybris to manage and support their worldwide eCommerce operations.

CDN Software Solutions offers end to end Hybris ecommerce development solutions. So if you are also planning to build your online shop, Hybris Ecommerce development solutions is a good deal for you.

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After reading this blog, it might have been clear to you that there is no one single fit ecommerce solution for all your requirements. Each ecommerce platform is build to entertain certain pre assumed business needs and goals. It means, all the given ecommerce platforms are not best for every sized business need. But, if you know your requirement that what actually you want from your e-shop, you can definitely choose the best platform after knowing the features and functionalities.