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CDN Solutions Group Announces Its Business Trip to Australia

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

CDN Solutions Group is glad to announce its business trip to Australia. Over the years, CDN Solutions Group’ client base in Australia has increased at a rapid pace.

This business trip aims to strengthen business relations with existing clients, give innovative business solutions, free analysis of current working scenario, showcase technical capabilities, ideas to increase the revenue of your business and build new partnerships. The Company’s expertise has already helped add value to Australia clients in many ways.

Why to Meet CDN Solutions Group in Australia

Here are the reasons to meet CDN Solutions Group in Australia;

  • Free analysis of your business problems and resolve those things with the help of our 16+ years IT knowledge.
  • Quick and easily applicable solutions that give outcomes faster
  • Check current working process and give solutions for problems you are facing in IT.
  • Innovative ideas to increase the revenue of your business.
  • Give brief of latest technology solutions that will benefit your overall business growth


Mr. Surajit Mitra, CEO of CDN Solutions Group and Mr. Chetan Naik, Founder of CDN Solutions Group, will be traveling to Australia to make things better for you. We have developed business solutions implementing trending technologies such as: –

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Mobile Web Apps
  • Hardware Integration
  • Beacon
  • Web Interfaces
  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Our schedule for Australia Trip:

Sydney Adelaide Melbourne Brisbane
14th November 2016 & 18th November 2016 15th November 2016 16th November 2016 17th November 2016
Venue: Four Points, by Sheraton Sydney, Darling Harbour, 161 Sussex St, Australia Venue:Your Place Venue: Sheraton Melbourne Hotel, 27 Little Collins St,Melbourne, Australia Venue:Your Place

Team CDN Solutions Group is looking forward to provide competitive industry aligned solutions. Meet us in Australia to put forward your business requirements and challenges!

To know more about our business trip itinerary please visit here: – You can also pre-schedule a meeting with us to get a planned business solution for your business.

How to Choose a Right Business Strategy for a Startup?

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

“Startup” is the buzzword around the world, not for the wrong reasons as well; some of the successful startups have solved age old problems very smartly, in some cases created a new vision and new consumer behavior. Startups like “Whats app”, has made staying connected so easy, it has helped business to communicate smarter. Startups like Uber, Foodpanda, Airbnb, Dropbox, Square and many more are hugely successful for one reason only; they had a sound business strategy to their business. Many startups only plan till the time they get funded or develop a solution hoping some would buy it out. This is such a myopic view that most of such startups either do not take off or die off soon.

During my travel I prefer to book a cab through a very popular startup in India called the “OLA cabs”, I like to interact with drivers to have a better understanding of the strategy of the business owners. For all the common person using the service the multi-billion dollar startup is just an app that allows you to book taxis, but speaking to these drivers in different part of the country made me realize that they had many strategies for the success of the business.


  • Business Model: What is the core service and how would we deliver it
  • Penetration strategy: how to enter different market and capture
  • Marketing strategy: how to promote the business
  • Scale up Model: how to expand in business by newer service , new geography or deeper penetration.
  • Revenue Model : how to make money, directly and indirectly
  • Exit model: how would we move out of business if needed..

Understanding the above for Ola was great learning journey.

I have been consulting for quite some time now and have been interacting with startups from middle east, Australia, India. My experience with most of such startups is their idea lacks conviction. What I mean by this they rarely have all bases covered. To have a strategy for startups, the thought should be on following lines

  • What is the problem they are trying to address: to do an analysis to see the need for solution and what is problem they are addressing with it, and whether people would be willing to use it.
  • What is their unique selling proposition: what can be done to make sure that service delivery or the product itself is not out there.
  • How do they make sure it is not easy for anyone to enter with same solution. What is the thing that you would have that a new competitor with deeper pocket would have trouble getting
  • How do you Market the solution: what is the target market and how do you take your product to market.
  • What is the revenue model and Break-even : what would be the income generating source and when do you expect to make profit from the business
  • What would be investments strategy : when and how do you get in funding and what stage
  • How do you scale up: what lies ahead do you have plan for expansion.
  • What is exit strategy: when and how do you expect to return investors’ money?

The most critical strategy that a lot of failed startups have ignored is that, how do you return investors’ money with handsome profit. To be a successful startup it is also important to identify the strength of the founder and more importantly their weakness. Knowing your weakness would allow you create right team with right skills and with a right team you would be able to focus on the strategy created and the drive them to achieve it. There many startups, where the founders have hired CEO to take the organization to greater heights.

Lastly, the most important aspect is to keep trying and working hard, as the famous Thomas Edison once said, when asked, how did you feel after failing 1000 times while making the bulb “I did not fail 1000 times I just found out 1000 ways, how not to make a bulb”. People who try hard are the ones who get lucky.

Meet us in Gitex Technology Week 2016 at stand no SR-E8, Sheikh Rashid Hall, if you are also a Start-up company. We can suggest some good ideas.

Greeting To Australia – Team CDN Solutions Group is All Set to Visit You

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

We are pleased to announce our Business trip to Sydney, Australia from 1st August to 11th August 2016. Our honorable directors Mr. Chetan Naik and Mr. Surajit Mitra will be visiting Sydney to meet some of our amazing clients from CeBIT Australia 2016 and also forge new partnerships.

CDN Solutions Group offers innovative IT Consulting and Outsourcing services and solutions to varied industries and clients across the globe. Being in the market for 16 years we are a pioneer in providing web and mobile app development services on various technologies. We have provided our services across 32+ countries and have a record of 1400+ projects with 230+ manpower.

So, if you are in Australia and looking for experts in Enterprise, Web and Mobility Development for your business, then do SCHEDULE A MEETING with us. We can prove to be a profitable outsourcing partner to your business.


Contact Us at:

Meet CDN Software Solutions at IndiaSoft 2016 in Mumbai, India

Monday, February 29th, 2016

We are happy to announce that, for the 8th consecutive time in India IT Show 2016, IndiaSoft. If you want to experience the world of innovations and explore the avenue of sourcing the best of IT software & solutions for the growth of your enterprise, IndiaSoft – India IT Show 2016 is the best place to do that.

Around 150 Indian IT companies will be displaying the world of innovations in IndiaSoft 2016. IT buyers from over 70 countries are expected to visit INDIA IT SHOW 2016 to forge business alliances, market tie-ups, etc.

Innovative Web and Mobile App Development Solutions by CDN Solutions Group in IndiaSoft 2016

CDN Software Solutions is a leading web and mobile app development company, consistently delivering smart & innovative solutions is exhibiting in IndiaSoft – India IT Show 2016 for the 8th consecutive time.

This year, we are very much excited to showcase new ideas and featuring new methods in latest technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), iBeacon, Augmented Reality, Hardware Integration, Big Data and Cloud, Fog Computing, Latest Technologies, Cross Platform App Development, Open Source Development, etc.

CDN Software Solutions in IndiaSoft 2016

We are also providing customized software and mobile apps according to our visitors business requirements like: –

* GPS Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Solutions
* IT Software and Solutions for Education
* Business Networking Solutions
* Web Based Application Development Solutions
* Innovative Mobile Apps Solutions
* Smart Apps for Smart Phones
* Software and Solutions for Automobiles
* Software and Solutions for Oil and Gas
* Software and Solutions for Information Security
* ERP Systems and Applications
* Logistic Management Solutions
* Software and Solutions for Jewellery Management
* Software and Solutions for Healthcare
* Software and Solutions for Hospitality Management
* Banking Management Software and Solutions
* CRM Software and Solutions

CDN Software Solutions is welcoming its visitors at Booth no. 79 at Renaissance Convention Centre Mumbai, Mumbai India in the 16th edition of India’s global IT networking event during 3rd – 4th March, 2016. You are invited to meet us in IndiaSoft 2016 and we can provide you innovative and smart solutions for all your web and mobile app development requirements.

Celebrating 16 Glorious Years of Success. We Dare to be Different..!

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

As we celebrate today company’s 16th foundation Day we look back at the journey done till now. It was in the Year 2000, that two aspiring entrepreneurs Mr. Chetan Naik and Mr. Surajit Mitra laid the foundation of CDN Solutions Group with the Vision “To create an Indian corporate with world class values and shall provide motivation to people to work towards being a part of it and will make all clients and associates proud that they are part of it”. Both the entrepreneurs started the venture from their study room and slowly and gradually reached the pinnacle of success. Today the company retains a reputed position in the corporate world and currently boasts over serving clients in over 32+ countries with a strong-force of 150+ employees.

So, on this occasion we would like to say a big Thank You to all our employees as well as our clients, partners, and to each and every person associated with CDN, for the milestone that CDN Solutions Group has achieved in the past 16 years.

Looking forward to many more years of successful completion..!

16th foundation day-CDN Software Solutions