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Ingredients for a Successful Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Thursday, August 23rd, 2018

At the enterprise level, mobility solutions are gaining momentum, owing to the proliferation of mobile devices into the workplace of today. However, unlocking the full potential of enterprise mobility services in any organization would mean first implementing the right BYOD policies. Enterprise mobility development comes at a later stage while building a strategy is the foremost part of the process. The evolution of mobile networks, mobile apps, and the lowering of enterprise mobile app development costs have led to the growth of enterprise mobility.

So What is Enterprise Mobility ?

Enterprise Mobility is a trend that accommodates the working habits of employees by allowing them to perform business tasks out of the office using mobile devices and cloud services. As a precursor to enterprise application development, we attempt to outline the process of building a strategy that acts as a foundation for enterprise mobility.

What Does an Enterprise Mobility Strategy Include?

An enterprise mobility strategy considers the following-

  • Customer Engagement – Every mobility strategy attempts to add efficiency to the interaction between a business and their customers. Enterprise mobility solution providers often work with businesses to understand engagement levels with customers and improve them through enterprise mobility solutions.

  • Employee Efficiency – Mobile devices and wearables have now become part and parcel of employees’ work life. To leverage these opportunities, businesses try and improve their employees’ productivity levels with enterprise mobility applications.

  • Innovation – Enterprise mobility solutions often have a far vision. Some businesses aim to enrich their industry with cutting-edge, innovative initiatives.

Enterprise mobility software solutions are transforming the way people work and the way their enterprises support them. Enterprise mobility strategies help organizations realize mobility beyond remote access features. Organizations need to allow people to access their data and applications remotely to perform tasks on the go.

To empower customers and employees to interact in new ways with their data, information, and applications, enterprise mobility has come a long way and has become an integral part of any organization’s digital transformation journey.

Employees ask for flexibility in working and customers need innovative ways to engage with their service providers. This is where enterprise mobility services can help us.

Tips to Build the Right Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Tips to Build the Right Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Michael Disabato, Research VP at Gartner, believes that mobility is not a technology problem. That we have enough technology to make giant leaps in our business, but we only need to know how to use the available technology. Enterprise mobility services offered by various companies today focus on the same. Before delivering enterprise mobility solutions, these consulting partners ask their clients what issues they face in running their business and learn about the specific areas where productivity can be boosted.

Thereafter, a mobility strategy can be implemented with the right tools and technologies. Here’s how any business can build the right enterprise mobility strategy to digitally transform the way they operate-

  • Address Organization-Level Challenges – If something makes sense for your business and would improve your employees’ productivity while they are on the go, it is important to consider it. Factors such as security, scalability, and supportability can be addressed later. Organization-wide challenges are hard to solve, but clear steps and a basic foundation can get you started. Enterprise mobility is often disregarded by companies who consider it a breach of security as it is. But, active steps can be taken to make enterprise mobility solutions secure.

  • Think in Terms of User Experience – To make sure your mobile strategy gives customers and employees what they want, specific surveys can be taken. This would help businesses gauge the needs of their users and build a strategy that yields what they expect. To improve the overall user experience, personalization settings can be configured in your enterprise mobile app, so your users get just what they are looking for. Seamless data management and sharing are two other aspects that significantly improve the user experience.

  • Decide a Service Delivery Platform – Mobile users access software solutions in a variety of ways. Custom mobile apps, third-party native apps, mobile websites, and SaaS solutions are some of the available options. Consider the apps people use in your organization and then devise an enterprise mobility strategy that can best convert their experience into a mobile one. Your employees can access a mobile app in one of these experience shells- a native device experience, containerized experience, virtualized access experience, and fully managed enterprise experience. Many organizations mix the virtualized and containerized experiences to support the complete range of apps and feature their customers and employees need.

  • Keep Security over Everything Else – Protecting sensitive data is a challenge when implementing enterprise mobility. In many organizations, the IT department only has a vague idea about sensitive data. And thus, they end up treating everything securely. However, enterprise mobility solutions allow businesses to take care of data selectively. Data can be classified into public, confidential, and restricted-access data, allowing for different levels of security to be implemented with different kinds of data. Data access policies can then be laid according to the nature of the data.

  • Strategize for the Future – Every organization needs a mobility strategy equipped for the future. The Internet of Things is here and we need to imagine where mobility solutions will stand in the near future. Providing a more intuitive experience will become a top priority as the IoT creeps into mainstream enterprises. Thus, better to think ahead of time rather than discarding complete solutions tomorrow and rebuilding from the ground up. Listen closely to the ongoing discussions about the future of enterprise mobility and you will have ample ideas about where it might be headed tomorrow.

To have a comprehensive grip on the wider aspects of enterprise mobility, you to take a 360-degree approach to building a strategy. Many companies today have an ongoing BYOD policy but have failed to realize that enterprise mobility services go far beyond that.

Preparing for Enterprise Mobility

In preparing for an enterprise mobility transformation, organizations need to address people, processes, and technology. Striking a balance between the three critical components decides the success of any enterprise mobility strategy.

Having frequent small wins paves the way for a larger change. Therefore, on the path to a mobile transformation, the long-term goals should be replaced with quick short-term objectives. As these goals are achieved, an organization becomes better equipped to handle more significant changes.

Costs are a major factor for businesses. Therefore, the expected ROI should be set before an enterprise mobility strategy is put in place. With the right team governing the processes and the right people taking care of the key aspects, it is possible to derive success from enterprise mobility.

Automate the integration of information systems and make the process hassle-free. Too many organizations rely on manual programming and get stuck into it. However, the need of the hour is for enterprises to choose an integration platform that can handle communications between APIs and your IT systems.

Final Words

Mobility is no more an option for organizations. It is necessary for businesses to leverage enterprise mobility to drive growth and productivity across the complete enterprise. Enterprise mobility solutions are changing the way businesses conduct and customers interact with them. Mobile is about driving value to customers and employees all the same. Accessing the right skills and knowledge is key to implementing and crushing an enterprise mobility strategy. Enormous commercials gains await organizations that are proactive in their measures to build and work out an enterprise mobility plan.

CDN Software Solutions knows which enterprise mobility strategy will suit your business best. With vast experience in Enterprise mobility, team CDN offer services and solutions, for real-time platform by designing and implementing an array of high-end technology applications with flexibility and ease. We have vast experience in Enterprise mobility check out our portfolio or do give us a call.

Business Chat Apps – A Perfect Work Life Balance Formula

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

Business chat apps are scoring ahead than ordinary chat apps. The business chat apps provide value that help employees get work done on the go with improved productivity.

According to a latest survey of Forbes, there are 3 things that millennials (people born in between 1980 to 2000) want from their work.

  • Work life balance
  • Problem-solving Ideas
  • Instant feedback

Obviously in app store, there are a ton of chat apps available such as Facebook messenger, Whatsapp that help to cover communication gap. But the features and potential of an average chat app are simply insufficient for business communication.

Why Generic Chat Apps are Unfit for Business Communication?

  • Security, privacy & monitoring are the biggest threat while using generic chat apps for business purpose
  • Limited users can collaborate in a group.
  • Extensive file-sharing, organizing capabilities and call to actions are not possible
  • Too much distraction and disturbance in the middle of business communications
  • So in short, a perfect business instant messaging apps that are fitted with additional capabilities and act like a desktop machines that you can carry on your pockets is what every business required nowadays.

Facilities a Business Chat App can Provide:

Business chat app is the perfect solution to avail high-end business benefits at the low cost within a mobile interface. The business chat apps can be custom-made with extensive features that help employees on the go to get things done without having to wait for accessibility to a computer, desktop or a laptop.

Channelized Feed: There are many departments in an organization such as development, multimedia, management, sells and marketing, admin, HR’s, etc. Each member from a team needs access of some specific information or content, but not everyone in the organization needs to now that. So in this case, the dedicated channels or groups help make their task easier.

chatbot development solutions in mwc americas 2017


Security is one of the Forte of Business Chat Apps: The business could have exposed critical contracts information, customers, employee records, vendors and what not. So security is one of the most important feature a business chat app must needed.

However, at CDN Solutions Group, we have developed business chat apps for some of our clients integrated with high end security features like encryption of confidential accesses, two factor authentication, and more.

Create Meeting, Events, Polls, etc: Business Instant chatting apps allow employees to create new polls, events, meetings and other unique settings to invite participation from selected members of the organization. It is exactly like running a meeting without having anybody to be present physically. Saves a lot of effort and time, No?

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So these are some of the major features a business chat app requires. At CDN Solutions Group, we understand the importance of work life balance. So the business chat apps we develop for our clients are fully featured and secured according to their work culture and business requirements. Our chat bot developers have expertise in developing tailored-made business chatting apps according to the business needs. Feel free to contact us here if you are also need a business app for your organization.

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