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Listed Among Top Blockchain Development Companies 2018

Monday, March 19th, 2018

In recent years, blockchain technology has emerged that may significantly change the future of finance, money and more. Blockchain technology cannot only support the functions of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple and Ether, but the technology has the potential to revolutionize marketplaces and the way data is stored and transferred around the globe for generations to come.

CDN Solutions Group is a software development company established in 2000 and since inception we are crazy about exploring new technologies and adopt latest development trends. And nowadays Blockchain is in our hit list. We have initiated working on this technology by developing solutions by implementing functionalities such as better fraud prevention security, faster transmission confirmation and potential cost savings through efficiencies for industries like Financials, Healthcare and Technology and for other business industries.

Top Blockchain Development Company 2018

And we are proud to share that our smart work is being appreciated by , a top notch research based firm. Recently we have been listed by them among the top blockchain development companies 2018 for various countries such as UK, Australia, India, and United States.

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Our blockchain development services include POC Development, Private Blockchain Development, Smart Contract Development, Blockchain Consulting, Hyperledger Development, Supply Chain Development, and Cryptocurrency Development. We have also developed Decentralized blockchain apps (Dapps) for our clients.

So do you also have an idea that require blockchain experts? Contact us here to take your idea to next level.

Breaking The Buzz- 2018 Will Be All About These Technologies

Friday, February 16th, 2018

We are well into the new year and bid adieu to 2017, which was marked by a great many technological trends. Be it the much-acclaimed fame of Blockchain, the blink-and-you-missed-it popularity of Pokemon Go (the widely accepted VR/AR gaming app), the rise of Bots and AI, or the hue and cry over cyber-security, the year was a complete disruptive one for Technology.

While it’s all in the past now, but 2017 has shaped much of what we can expect in 2018. here are some technological trends for this year, that will cause much more disruption in the way industries have been functioning since long.

Blockchain more than a Buzzword – Businesses have begun realizing the reliability, security, and efficiency the Blockchain technology is all for. Developers this year will be developing exciting and challenging use cases for the financial services sector and manufacturing supply chains. The immutable, trusted, and efficient transactions that Blockchain promises, the integrity of data and ledger-management that is its core, are all the reasons why the technology will see the face of production this year.

software-development-trends-2018Image Credit and Copyright – BCCL

Chatbots will get sophisticated – While the last year saw a rise in the usage of chatbots by every organization big and small, regardless of the industry and sector, this year will be more about the quality than the quantity. Chatbots will be expected to do more than say hello and hand over the case to a human for assistance. Chatbots are expected to meet the AI standards that they were originally built for. According to a prediction, efficient interaction by chatbots will increase from just 20 percent in 2017 to a whopping 93 percent by 2022.

IoT will accelerate Edge computing – The Internet of Things (do we need to expand IoT still?) devices have become a part and parcel of many homes and businesses. As the number of devices connected to the Internet increase, there will be an analogous increase in the exchange of data over the network. That will give the pace to Edge computing. This means a faster exchange of data between devices, without the need of connecting to a cloud. Edge computing is a concept wherein the data collection and delivery points are kept close to the processor. Manufacturers are realizing the increase in the number of IoT-enabled devices, and are striving to make their offerings better, that is, considering edge computing!

Cybersecurity will continue to lurk from behind – With the rapid rise in devices connecting to the Internet only to exchange personal information, has not made matters any easier for cybersecurity experts and professionals. According to statistics, damage costs due to cyber crimes will hit $6 trillion per year by 2021. There have been considerable investments in ensuring security over the Internet in 2017, and the investments are predicted to increase by $1 trillion by the year 2021.

Machine Learning will take use cases that are practical – Machine learning will step into mainstream application development. The two main reasons that will drive the growth in ML this year are- pre-built modules for ML development are available in leading platforms and ML is essential when analytics have to be applied to the data stored in large datasets. Machine Learning development and ML testing are becoming increasingly popular amongst the younger generation, who are thrilled to learn these concepts to build real-world applications. Generating recommendations, predicting outcomes, and making automated decisions according to historical scenarios, are the use cases that will require ML applications.

Serverless architectures – The concept of a serverless architecture is quite appealing to organizations. When a demand arises for the execution of a piece of code on a certain event, instantiate the infrastructure, deploy and execute the code, and charge me according to the time consumed in this complete process. The need for flexibility and scalability with cost-effective solutions has given rise to serverless architectures. While debugging and development challenges are lined up on the path towards adoption of serverless architectures, companies are still considering to invest big in the idea.

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Leveraging services rather than products – An increase in the adoption of cloud has resulted in organizations eyeing towards services more than products. Without increasing their capital costs and internal support needs, online cloud-based services are becoming the preferred ways of developing and deploying solutions. For an example, why will an organization invest in buying a new mobile device for its testing purposes, when for a small monthly amount, it can access all simulation environments for all device sizes and operating systems over the cloud.

While the predictions and trends are numerous, it is imperative to realize how far we have travelled as a society towards technology and innovation. While 2017 was a year of innovation and analysis, this year could witness some real-world applications exploiting the most complex and challenging technologies.

So, the least you can do is just get in touch with the top outsourcing software development company and share your idea to turn that into reality.

Leading Mobile App Development Company and IT consultancy company are in LosAngeles, CDN Software Solutions is all set for the Mobile World Congress Americas 2018 event
This year team CDN can be found at Stand W.419 in Hall West. Check the agenda and prefix the meeting here

What to Expect from App Development Zone at Mobile World Congress 2018

Monday, February 5th, 2018

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the biggest mobile event of the year. Many top mobile companies take advantage of this platform to launch their latest products (Smartphones, Smartwatches, Tablets).

When it comes to IT, Top mobile app development companies from all over the world are participating in MWC 2018 event and CDN Solutions Group is one of them. Being in the same niche for last 10 years we understand its importance and hence have come up with this write up that what to expect from mobile app development companies in mobile world congress 2018? So let’s start !!

On-demand mobile apps

On-demand mobile applications are gaining more popularity day by day because they makes our life easier. Users can use on-demand mobile apps at their convenient and at anywhere. Majority of on-demand app falls under category as car cleaning app, taxi booking app, food ordering app, renting app, laundry service etc. At CDN Solutions Group, we have developed many On-demand applications for our clients which are clone of Ola, Airbnb, etc. So if you are looking to develop an on-demand mobile app for your business or need help for how to start with it, feel free to contact us here.

IoT and Wearable

Both the Internet of Things (IoT) and Wearable app development are trending and will grow more in 2018. At CDN Solutions Group, we have IoT and wearable app developers who are focusing to developing mature and scalable IoT and wearable app. Till now we have developed many successful IoT & Wearable mobile applications for industries such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Machine Learning etc that get featured in app stores. Contact us here to discuss your app idea.

mobile app development company Mobile World Congress 2018 Barcelona

Cloud Based Application Development

At CDN Solutions Group we have adopted cloud-based app development technology a while ago, because they have better collaboration, increased productivity and streamlined operation. We developed cloud-based applications that can fetch data from cloud and reduce the load on the internal memory. Contact us right now to discuss your cloud based app idea.

Lazy Loading Technology

Another interesting technology that you should expect in Mobile World Congress 2018 is the lazy loading technology. Heavy images that load too slowly, or may take longer time in loading prevent the end users from landing on their desired pages or articles. So the idea of lazy loading technology is that the images will only load when their turn on the desired page comes otherwise they will not be impacting the speed of the page with overloading.

Chatbots Development

Chatbots is one of the fastest growing technology. Chatbots app development for business provide a stimulating better customer interaction. We developed Chatbots application solutions for businesses to improve customer interaction, sales and better engagement. Contact us here to discuss your Chatbot app development idea at Mobile World Congress 2018.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Currently, AR and VR technologies are widely used for gaming and entertainment apps development. Augmented Reality technology is used to deliver a live view of the real-world environment and Virtual Reality Technology is used to recreate real-life situations or environment. At CDN Solutions Group, our developers always explore ways to create innovative apps by leveraging AR and VR. So contact us here to discuss your AR/VR app idea.

Blockchain Development

Within a short span of time, blockchain has become a hugely popular technology. At CDN Solutions Group, we have developed Blockchain solutions that enhance the security of the app and data by eliminating chances of data tampering. At Mobile World Congress 2018 we will discover more possibilities in Blockchain technology at stand 7L81 in Fira De Barcelona. So contact us to schedule a meeting here.

So these are the app development trends that you can expect to explore in Mobile World Congress 2018 at CDN Solutions Group stand (7L81). To know more about our mobile app development approach, feel free to contact us here and schedule a meeting to meet in MWC 2018 Barcelona.

Connect With CDN Solutions Group at Mobile World Congress 2018 Barcelona

Friday, January 19th, 2018

Just a month left for Mobile World Congress 2018, Barcelona, Spain. And we at CDN Solutions Group are very much excited not because we are going to be at this event for the first time, but also because it is the world’s largest gathering of the mobile industry. As an app development service provider company, we think MWC 2018 will be a great platform to showcase how CDN Solutions Group can help deliver complete, integrated mobility solutions.

If you are attending Mobile World Congress 2018 Barcelona event, be sure to visit us at our stand #7L81 in Hall 7. We will showcase some of our outstanding solutions developed using emerging technologies and also share vision of CDN Solutions Group in the mobility space for the coming year.

Here is a sneak peek of what’s coming your way at MWC 2018:

CDN Solutions Group Mobility Solutions – With over 800+ mobile apps developed using emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Wearable, Blockchain, Beacon, Hardware Integration, etc, with most of the apps developed by us get featured in app store, received many awards by top research firm for our work, CDN Solutions Group becomes the first choice when it comes to mobile app development. Visit our booth #7L81, Hall 7 in Mobile World Congress 2018 Barcelona for a quick demo of the Marketplace, and learn how you can find the right solution for your business needs.


CDN Solutions Group Latest Technology Solutions – CDN Solutions Group is an award winning technology solutions provider organization that provide end-to-end technology solutions that solve all your business pain areas of IT. Learn how we can help you to overcome from your business pain areas at MWC 2018 Barcelona.

So, overall, we are very excited to become a part of Mobile World Congress 2018 where we can discuss about different kinds of real time problems people are facing in business and provide the most sensible solution to them, that only anyone can expect from us. So what are you waiting for, contact us here to schedule a meeting at MWC 2018 Barcelona and visit our stand #7L81 in hall 7.

P.S – Our team of delegates will be available in Germany as well from 5th – 9th March 2018 after the MWC event. So if you are in Germany, Spain or other close regions and in search of IT outsourcing partner in Europe, then we can meet.

Leading Mobile App Development Company and IT consultancy company are in LosAngeles, CDN Software Solutions is all set for the Mobile World Congress Americas 2018 event
This year team CDN can be found at Stand W.419 in Hall West. Check the agenda and prefix the meeting here

Blockchain- The Transforming Technology and its Applications

Monday, November 27th, 2017

With the steep rise in digital transactions, it is more important than ever to keep transactions secure and ensure the integrity of the transaction records. The Blockchain is a process for an Internet user to transfer digital data or money to another user over the Internet, without the need of a central authorizing party. The transfer through the system is sure to be safe, secure, and legitimate.

Blockchain Technology is a way of registering and distributing information over the Internet that abolishes the need of a central party to justify every transaction as a valid or invalid one. The Blockchain is the perfect blend of three underlying technologies- the Internet, private key cryptography, and the protocols of incentivization.

Authentication and Authorization are the two determining factors in proving a digital transaction to be trustworthy. Authentication simply means ‘are you really who you say you are’, while Authorization means ‘should you be able to do this’.


How does Blockchain work

Bitcoin is the widest and biggest application of Blockchain until this day. It is like the dollar that has no value as such, but just that people have agreed to use it for trade. It works in the following way-

  • Blockchain maintains a registry, or a ledger, to keep track of the bitcoins owned by different people.
  • This registry is not kept a central server but is distributed across a network of privately owned computers that store the data and also execute computations on it when required.
  • Whenever a transaction takes place, the ledgers are updated.
  • On the blockchain, every transaction can be viewed by anyone in the network, unlike the centrally located systems like a bank, where a person can only view his/her transaction.
  • Each blockchain user owns a wallet which can be used to perform transactions.
  • This wallet is protected with the special cryptography methods- with private keys and public keys, to ensure safety and Integrity.

The most crucial features of Blockchain

  • It is an ideal financial ledger solution owing to the fact that it does not require a central authority. With technology being able to make settlements, there is no need of employing settlement agents and clearinghouses, thereby reducing the cost of joint ventures and other such partnerships.
  • The effective use of Digital Signatures and verifications allow for no perceivable scenario wherein a fraud of a humongous nature could possibly take place. Blockchain’s underlying functionalities that consist of cryptography ensure, at least, theoretically, that no threat or malevolence exists in the system.
  • Blockchain can be really helpful in tracking the movement of assets through a supply chain- vendors, factories, through the transportation lines finally to the location.

Blockchain Applications that are leading to Transformation

Financial Services are seeing a lot of disruption with the advent of Blockchain.

Smart Contracts- These are the self-automated computer programs or applications that can carry out the terms and conditions of any contract and maintain the terms too. These contracts are unbreakable.

Smart Bonds- These are the applications that pay the bearers of the bond automatically when the preprogrammed terms and conditions are met and fulfilled.

Asset Management- This area of trade, with traditional methods, is a risky one where the broker, settlement party, and the custodian, each maintain their own records. This leads to a lot of loopholes in the system which can be efficiently reduced with the use of Blockchain.

Smart property- Properties such as a house, car, shares, patents, can have smart technology embedded into them so as to make the process of contract easy. The method will also increase trust and efficiency.

Blockchain Internet of Things- Internet of Things leads to a connection of people-people, people-things or things-things. Blockchain ledger can provide the much-needed security to the Internet of Things technology. When billions of devices will be linked together, it will be imperative to make sure the massively distributed system stays secure. Use of Blockchain in these scenarios can lead to defining ownership and managing, storing, and transferring securely any information from and to these devices.

Blockchain in Healthcare- A patient’s medical history and records could be kept secure but within access to specific individuals, like his doctor, or family and friends. Receipts of the medical treatment can be securely stored and later sent to the insurance agency for the settlement and as a proof.

Blockchain in Entertainment- The hassle for the ownership rights, royalty distribution, and copyrights can well be tacked in the Entertainment industry with the use of Blockchain.

Blockchain Identity- The selling of a person’s details by some companies can be effectively curbed with the use of Blockchain as it will keep all the information private and secure. This method can be used in Passports, birth, wedding, and death certificates, and for Personal Identification cards.

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Why look for a Blockchain Development Company

If all the cryptocurrency hype has left you marvelling and wondering, and if one of the above-mentioned applications seems important for your product or service, look out for the best blockchain technology companies for your help.

We at CDN Solutions Group are way ahead of the curve than other IT outsourcing companies in offering the best Blockchain application development services at competitive market costs.

We have on our team some finest Blockchain specialists to work on your Cryptocurrency application, or on your Decentralised application development needs. We can build smart contracts for you so as to smoothen out the process of jointly handling a venture or any other partner relationships. Contact us here to know discuss your requirement.