Business trip to USA

CDN Solutions Group on the Most Awaited Business Trip to USA

Business trip to USA

CDN Solutions Group is all set for the month-long business trip to the USA. We are excited about this biggest trip of the year commenced on 1st of July 2019. This is 5th such business trip of CDN and all of us at CDN Solutions Group is expecting a lot from this trip. Even you can expect a lot from our trip in your locality. Yes, if you are looking for a local business partner in the USA, then it’s high time you schedule a meeting with us.

The Aim of Our Business Trip to the USA

  • To meet our old clients and guide them through the new technologies in trend which could be beneficial for their business.
  • Forge new partnerships with enterprises as well as start-ups mainly in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta as well as Houston, USA.
  • To serve entrepreneurs with our innovative and unique solutions.
  • Build new relationships with technology experts.

Why Partner With CDN Solutions Gruop?

  • Recently one of our amazing client “Desertfire Online” won the Platinum LearnX Award 2019 for the solution we built for them. You could be the next!
  • We’ll help you explore emerging technologies and use them to boost your business as well as get a competitive edge over others.

  • We’ll help you take a leap with our latest as well as effective enterprise services including web and mobile app development.

  • Our tech experts have years of proven experience and will serve you from idea to growth.

If you are interested to meet our delegates in your locality then Fix a Meeting on any day from 1st July to 9th Aug 2019. Our delegates are there in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Houston and can meet you either outside or in your office campus.