business trip to australia

CDN Solutions Group Business Trip To Australia: 19th Aug – 13th Sep 2019


 business trip to australia

We are glad to share that the CDN Solutions Group is again going to be on a business trip to Australia. This is going to be the 6th business trip of the year and 4th consecutive trip to Australia. This trip is nothing else but the result of the success we received from our previous visits in the year 2019.
At CDN Solutions Group, we treat our clients like family so that they can trust us completely and theirs is no communication gap. We are so much involved in making them comfortable with us that we don’t even think before visiting them across boundaries.
In this way, we also find it easy to understand the challenges our clients face and serve them in a better way, being close to them.

Who We Are?

We are a team of experts with years of experience in serving both small and big enterprises with trending IT services in various sectors.

What Are We Expecting From The Trip?

The agenda of our upcoming business travel is to meet new as well as existing clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide. We are open to serve enterprises as well as startups with our expert IT services and solutions.

Where Could We Meet?

We are available to meet you in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, as well as Adelaide from 19th Aug to 13th Sep 2019. You can let us know your preferred location for our meeting, which could either be your office premises or any other common area.

What’s The Process To Meet?

To meet us, you can fix a meeting  in advance, and we will meet you on your preferred day at your preferred location. So if you are looking for a business partner in your locality in Australia, don’t waste more time and schedule a meeting now!