chatbot development solutions in mwc americas 2017

Business Chat Apps – A Perfect Work Life Balance Formula

Business chat apps are scoring ahead than ordinary chat apps. The business chat apps provide value that help employees get work done on the go with improved productivity.

According to a latest survey of Forbes, there are 3 things that millennials (people born in between 1980 to 2000) want from their work.

  • Work life balance
  • Problem-solving Ideas
  • Instant feedback

Obviously in app store, there are a ton of chat apps available such as Facebook messenger, Whatsapp that help to cover communication gap. But the features and potential of an average chat app are simply insufficient for business communication.

Why Generic Chat Apps are Unfit for Business Communication?

  • Security, privacy & monitoring are the biggest threat while using generic chat apps for business purpose
  • Limited users can collaborate in a group.
  • Extensive file-sharing, organizing capabilities and call to actions are not possible
  • Too much distraction and disturbance in the middle of business communications
  • So in short, a perfect business instant messaging apps that are fitted with additional capabilities and act like a desktop machines that you can carry on your pockets is what every business required nowadays.

Facilities a Business Chat App can Provide:

Business chat app is the perfect solution to avail high-end business benefits at the low cost within a mobile interface. The business chat apps can be custom-made with extensive features that help employees on the go to get things done without having to wait for accessibility to a computer, desktop or a laptop.

Channelized Feed: There are many departments in an organization such as development, multimedia, management, sells and marketing, admin, HR’s, etc. Each member from a team needs access of some specific information or content, but not everyone in the organization needs to now that. So in this case, the dedicated channels or groups help make their task easier.

chatbot development solutions in mwc americas 2017


Security is one of the Forte of Business Chat Apps: The business could have exposed critical contracts information, customers, employee records, vendors and what not. So security is one of the most important feature a business chat app must needed.

However, at CDN Solutions Group, we have developed business chat apps for some of our clients integrated with high end security features like encryption of confidential accesses, two factor authentication, and more.

Create Meeting, Events, Polls, etc: Business Instant chatting apps allow employees to create new polls, events, meetings and other unique settings to invite participation from selected members of the organization. It is exactly like running a meeting without having anybody to be present physically. Saves a lot of effort and time, No?

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So these are some of the major features a business chat app requires. At CDN Solutions Group, we understand the importance of work life balance. So the business chat apps we develop for our clients are fully featured and secured according to their work culture and business requirements. Our chat bot developers have expertise in developing tailored-made business chatting apps according to the business needs. Feel free to contact us here if you are also need a business app for your organization.

Every year, CDN Solutions Group exhibits in many global ICT expos and this year for the first time, we are making our debut in one of the top mobile conferences of 2017 i.e. MWC Americas 2017 (Mobile World Congress Americas) San Francisco during 12 – 14 Sept 2017 at stand S-2256 and S-2258 in Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA, USA. We will showcase some of our exclusive and latest technology solutions that will solve all the pain points of your business. We have delivered IT solutions for almost all industry verticals. So you can contact us with your app idea and you will get an effective and most suitable solution for your business. So what you are waiting for, meet us at MWC Americas 2017 at our stand.

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