Augmented Reality Solutions in CeBIT Hannover 2017

One of the most talked about and enticing technology that has got immense popularity, for one reason alone that the implementation of this technology can be many industries and could change how things were done earlier.

To define Augmented Reality, it technology by which computer generated content is super imposed on real life environment. There are many great applications of this allowing the user to experience something really extraordinary. Though this tech is not something that was recently developed but the popularity of smartphone has made this accessible to all.

CDN Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading offshore development company works in emerging technologies such as AR/VR, Beacon, Hardware Integration, Internet of Things, etc. This year we will showcase some of our latest solutions wrapped-up in latest technologies in CeBIT Hannover 2017. Contact us and avail free passes for CeBIT 2017 Hannover and discuss your idea with us if want to convert into reality.

Projection based AR

This type of AR as the name suggests projects images on any real time environment to then to actually interact with it in real time environment. Like the projection keyboard, where the projection system projects the keyboard on any surface and you could use it like the real keyboard.

Recognition based AR

this works in a way where the software recognizes a image, QR code or an object and from there it super imposes a media on it, be it 3D object or video clip. This is one of the most commonly used AR technology used currently.

Augmented Reality Solutions in CeBIT Hannover 2017

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Location based AR

The other AR method which is growing in popularity is location based AR, where the application displays some thing based on its current location or the range in the direction of pointing the camera. This very popular in Mobile apps and has great utility.

Outlining AR

Where there are limitations to human eye, the technology is created to guide humans. Special high end cameras are created to view and detect in low light or head signals, that human eye can not experience and give them outline image of the object.

Superimposition based AR

Superimposing object on similar real world object is what superimposition based AR does, imagine going to historical place and being able to see how that fort or palace would have been 500 years ago. Or medical science where you could super impose bones on human parts like hands or legs allowing better study.

The bottom line to AR technology is that it is one of the fastest growing technology available today with fast developing usage in different sectors by different segment of users, from Road safety to medical science and from Social networking to education. There no such area where Augmented reality had not entered.

I am extremely optimistic about Augmented realty as technology, The only challenge I see at the moment is the cost of developing solution which is quite high. It means people who see value in this will be quite less, which is why the technology is going to be used currently in fields like space research, Medical research, High end fashion brans, Real estate etc.

There are technologies which are evolving which are working towards making it more easy to develop AR solutions and hence increasing its reach. Wikitude, is once such product which a SDK to develop AR based mobile applications for Andriod and iOS. This is a cross platform tool that has an easy learning curve, another such tools are Vuforia and Unity 3D. We at CDN solutions India, have developed several applications on Mobile phones which uses Augmented reality , these vary from location based AR, Object scanning based, facial recognition etc.

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India is yet to taste what AR has to offer, country lack the exposure for such technology currently, but having said that, having the second largest user base of Smart phone users in the world it could see a surge in usage of AR application. Fields like entertainment, Gaming, Fashion, ecommerce could be the first to use these followed by education, medical science, road safety health, traffic systems etc. I do not want to predict the future, but with Augment Reality as technology will surely benefit society in many ways than other. All we need is to embrace the technology and not to forget the reality.

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