Annual Day – SAMAAGAM 2018 Celebration Marks Another Successful Year for CDN

CDN celebrated its 18th Annual function – SAMAAGAM on Dec 14th, 2018, Friday at Sayaji

We are happy to share that CDN celebrated its 18th Annual function – SAMAAGAM on Dec 14th, 2018, Friday. To celebrate our Annual day, all the festivities were held at Sayaji and as always we tried to do it differently!


SAMAAGAM means a Confluence of Brilliance, Intellect & Youthfulness. It’s the day that connects CDNites. It not only gives us the opportunity to enjoy together but brings us closer, invoking a feeling of unity. Despite the fact it was too cold on SAMAAGAM day, we were all excited and filled with energy for the whole day.

The Preparations

During preparation weeks, entire dance, music, anchoring and drama performers worked really hard

A number of things went into the organization while preparing for the event like discussions, ponderings, booking venue, deciding dress code, preparing activities, and collecting things. During preparation weeks, entire dance, music, anchoring and drama performers worked really hard so that they can give their best at work as well as the event. We were so much filled with enthusiasm that nothing tired us. We laughed and had great fun during the preparations.

The Annual Day

On the SAMAAGAM day, we left the office at around 2:00 PM and reached the event destination at around 6:00 PM.

The event was coordinated by the HR department and hosted by Archa, Bhushan, and Rahul. This time we also invited our international clients from the USA.

The much-awaited evening commenced with a warm welcoming speech by our CEO, Mr. Surajit Mitra. First of all, he thanked everyone for coming and our clients for gracing the event. He cherished each and everyone’s efforts behind CDN’s progress. In his speech he mentioned, “ Our clients are more like family and absolute family now. This transition is not only because of me but everyone at CDN, working so hard day and night to get to where we are today. I foresee a lot of years working together and would love to have all of you working with us for a long time.” This was highly appreciated by the audiences.

It was followed by lighting lamp for Saraswati Pooja and prayer rendition in the form of Ganesh Vandana dance.

Our clients congratulated CDN on its annual event and felt lucky to be a part of the celebration as they also feel themselves personally connect with CDN. They said “We never thought that it’s going to be this big. It’s an amazing night and amazing people. It’s lovely to feel welcomed by you all. We do feel like a family which is pretty unusual. We really enjoyed working with everyone at CDN and look forward to a long long history.”

This year, SAMAAGAM was like a rainbow colored with different performance. Various entertaining games, skits, dancing, singing and musical instruments playing acts were performed by the multi-talented team of CDN Software Solutions. Not only the CDNites but kids also gave amazing performances which were appreciated by all. Kids not only proved their exceptional skills but also added energy to the evening, that drew the audiences to the dance floor. All this was accompanied by frequent photo sessions.

CDN team presented a comedy skit and a carrier skit which was enjoyed by all. The evening was mesmerized by the beautiful voice of CDNites through their singing performance. The event further continued with fun games like tongue twisters for audience engagement. There were multiple dance performances like a folk dance from different states of India and Bollywood dance on Hollywood music that won over many applauses.

Going forward, the event kept audiences engaged in different entertaining acts and best Indian cuisines. We all had a great time watching the performances over appetizing dinner.

SAMAAGAM Highlight

SAMAAGAM 2018 Medley Performance

The highlight of this function was the medley performance by our CTO and the team. This musical treat was a pleasant surprise and we landed up having a great time. It was definitely a day to remember for all of us. The zeal of our team made this event a great success.

In the end, our host thanked everyone including all the audiences, volunteers & performers to make this event a big success.