Analytics of Things will Play a Big Role in IoT Success!!

Everyday objects used for different activities are connected to each other and to the Internet such as cars, homes, appliances, industrial machines and even our roads are part of the network. This constantly evolving world is called the Internet of Things (IoT).

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The Basic Infrastructure of IoT Consist 3 Main Parts:

  • The Things: Equipped with sensors that are able to capture the information
  • The Networks: Connecting them
  • The Systems: That processes of data flowing from the things

Analytics of Things will Play a Big Role in IoT Success!!

What is Analytics of Things (AoT):

We all know that a lot of effort is required to make a sensor, deploy them, and generate data. But what if we are not able to analyse that data? Nosense…right? When we create or develop anything, what is our purpose behind it, ofcource to make things more better or easy for use. And without any analysis, you will not reach to right conclusion. So that makes AoT important. Without analytics of things IoT is worthless.

Why Analytics of Things is Playing a Big Role for IoT?

With the help of IoT, the volume of available information rises exponentially with the increase of smart objects. So the data must be correctly collected, selected, correlated, analysed and interpreted, in order to provide benefits to:

  • Business: Anticipating the needs of the demand as well as to design personalized and innovative products and services.
  • Savings: Identifying inefficiencies as well as optimizing processes by rationalizing costs and consumption.

So with the help of Analytics of Things, you can do effective things such as:

  • Controlling the data coming from millions of smart objects with optimal criteria and security
  • Sharing the information through common terms contained in a business glossary
  • Monitoring performance and highlighting the results achieved
  • Managing data regarding smart objects via single centralized logics

The Analytics of Things can decode and transform the continuous flow of M2M data into value-added information. With the help of Analytics if Things, you can get deep insights of your data such as:

  • Transformation and collection of data coming from the smart objects, either it is structured or unstructured
  • Reduction of IoT data movement and fast implementation of in-database models
  • Management of complex issues with in-memory computing solutions to handle the big data generated by the IoT

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