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5 Easy Solutions to Protect Your Data on the Cloud

Cloud computing solutions has become a part of every next business today. It not only offers storage space but also manages them so that it is accessible any time and from anywhere. As per latest reports from – The global cloud computing market is expected to reach $623.3 billion by 2023. According to cloud computing growth stats, the industry will grow at a CAGR of 18%. Last year – in 2018, the market size was valued at $272 billion.

Though it comes with a lot of advantages there still remains the risk of data security. So, if you are dealing with the cloud, you must ensure that business data is secure and protected.

Even if your cloud service provider assures you for security you must password protect your data and you can also take following easy precautions to make your data risk-free:

Make Strong Password:

We just now talked about password protection but it’s not enough to password protect your data. You must focus on creating a strong password because hackers can easy break your protection shield if it’s not strong enough. So it’s always a good idea to create a unique password, change it frequently and keep it a secret. You can also add more security by addition identification questions to confirm authorization.

Do Take Backup:

Yes, it’s the most common way to avoid loss of sensitive data. And, even if your original data is lost or corrupted, you’ll have access to its electronic copies. This is the reason why taking data backup is considered to be very important. You can either take backup locally in some external storage device or choose to back up in some other cloud storage. The best and safest option would be to take backup on both so that data becomes handy.

Don’t Store Sensitive Data:

We have all heard about identity theft and to avoid such theft from your cloud data storage, it’s better not to store users’ personal information like their credit/debit card details, passwords, etc. There’s no doubt that data over the cloud is completely secure but there might be chances of data leakage. So, it’s better not to store sensitive data despite getting into any sort of trouble as the data could also be related to patents or copyrights.

Don’t Forget to Install Anti-Virus:

You might be thinking what’s the relation of anti-virus with cloud computing. Let’s make it clear to you all. It’s not for cloud but for the system you log in from. Yes, your data over the cloud may be at risk even if your system is not protected properly. But how? If your system is not protected, you are exposing your data yourself to hackers and even viruses. So, it’s better you install a reliable anti-virus in advance.

Go For Encryption:

Data is indeed secure over the cloud, but we can’t take anyone for granted, not even the service provider or the administrator. Hence, for better privacy choose cloud computing service that also offers encryption. In this way, your data will have double security because it will require decryption to be accessible. There’s even another way to make your data even more secure. Wanna know what? Here you go…

You must encrypt your data before you upload it to the cloud, even if the cloud storage encrypts it.
Isn’t it a great idea to make the most sensitive data even more secure? I know you’re agreed with me. So, don’t think much, start adopting these few simple preventive measures to make your data secure over the cloud.

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