Banking and Finance Software Solutions

Financial institutions are getting disrupted at a rapid pace, and organizations realize that technological advancements are not just creative forces, but destructive too. Financial institutions are compelled to rearrange their business processes and operation around this accelerating change of events, thanks to technology. The past year saw one disruptive force become the talk of the town when only a couple of years ago, it was no more than a hushed voice. Yes, Blockchain it is!

With the immense popularity of Bitcoin, one of Blockchain's most prominent implementations, the technology gained momentum, and slowly found its ground in numerous industries for the maintenance of a secure and decentralized ledger system.

Companies and businesses began thinking of ways in which the Blockchain technology could be leveraged in their sector, for better management and security, and started implementing IT solutions for Banking and Finance with Blockchain at the focal.

Finance and Banking IT Solutions – Weaving the Wave

Here are some other interesting ways in which revolution is happening, and how, in the Banking and Finance industry-

  • Mobile Banking Solutions – With the rapid pace of mobilization across industries, the financial sector is no different. All major banking operations can now be carried out on the smaller screen devices.
  • Digital is the new normal – There were times when banking and financial institutions separated out a part of their operations to handle e-services. And, then, the “e” went off because it became commonplace. Banking and Finance software solutions are all connected to the Internet today.
  • Blockchain stays – While some experts had believed that Blockchain was just a passing wave, they are now more than convinced that the technology is here to stay. Banking IT solutions and processes in financial institutions are all incomplete without leveraging Blockchain “public ledger” in some way or the other.
  • Analytics in the picture – The most crucial prediction of revenue and growth is made through customer intelligence. Big Data and Analytics have rightly reserved a space in the Finance sector because studying customer behavior and interests is the key here, too.
  • Cybersecurity issues loom large – As the world becomes more and more online, financial institutions face the risk of ensuring security in their IT solutions. According to recent studies, lesser people believe that security is assured when they work with Banking IT Solutions

At each step in the digital transformation of any industry, reliable technology partners are crucial. CDN Software Solutions is one such trusted partner for its IT solutions for banking and finance industries. With a great deal experience behind us, we have gained expertise in designing robust and secure Banking IT solutions for our customers all over the world.

CDN Software Solutions' Financial Software Landscape

When Banking and Finance software solutions are concerned, CDN Software Solutions has experience in developing and successfully delivering IT solutions for the following industries-

  • Retail Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • Cards and Payments
  • Investment Banking
  • Community Banking
  • Credit Unions
  • Micro Finance
  • Asset and Wealth Management

With CDN Software Solutions' professional team, you find a baking IT solutions provider for life. Our expert developers are adept at handling the most challenging requirements.

Functionalities We Have Incorporated In Our Projects

Some of the features that we have integrated with our IT solutions for banking and finance sector businesses are-

Money lending and borrowing

One of our mobile banking solutions was a mobile app for lending money. We successfully integrated the functionality in the mobile application and earned the acclamation of our client.

Wallet POS

The proficient team at CDN Solutions handled a client's requirement for a mobile app to go with a point-of-sale terminal, which helped the users of the mobile banking solution to hold their mobile devices some inches away from the POS to make payments.

Instant money transfer

Reliability is the key to IT solutions for banking and finance. In one such requirement, the team of passionate developers at CDN Solutions designed an instant money transfer application for quick exchange of money. This was a highly regarded software solution for money transfer for our client.

In-app purchases and payments

In-app purchases add to the richness of any mobile banking solution. We have successfully added the feature to some of our IT solutions. We can seamlessly integrate payment gateways and help your customers securely transfer payments.

Push notifications for customers

Instant notifications are a must when finance solutions are concerned. We have built push notification functionality in many of our software solutions for banking and finance.

Prepaid card loading

Card integration and loading is one of the leading demands of software solutions in the financial domain, and our team is adept at handling the same.

CDN Software Solutions has an expertise that is not limited to the functionalities mentioned above. We don't step back when it comes to experimentation and innovation. Our team is qualified enough to handle any financial software requirements that your business has.

Partner with us for unmatched services and satisfaction!