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 Core PHP Projects

Project Name : ChatChing


Technology Used : PHP v5.3, JQuery v1.7, S3 Storage API, Nginx, Varnish, Node.js, OpenSocial

Project Description : ChatChing is a social networking website where you can share your daily activities, post pictures, videos, messages and communicate your interests.

  • User can view daily activity stream and personal wall.
  • User can upload status, photos, and videos on wall.
  • User can communicate with friend with personal messaging system.


Project Name : CHIC

Technology Used : PHP 5, My SQL Server

Project Description : This project is for a Laser Skin Clinic. It is also a kind of Beauty Parlor or Salon for Both men and women. By using this website customer/visitor can Buy Online product.They can also register their-self by filling contact form. .

Custom Make

Project Name : Custom Make

Technology Used : PHP, Mysql, Flash.

Project Description : It is an online shopping cart tool which allow users to customize their products like t-shirt by doing some creative placement of images and text on it. Also the user can select the size and color for the product. After customizing the design user can mail it to their friends or save it for further uses in users account or can also add it to his shopping bucket.


Project Name : Carart

Technology Used : PHP, Mysql, Flash, AJAX .

Project Description : CarArt is the customized Car Design Studio user can design the art and give his car a new graphic look. He can select model, color, style, designs, etc. for his car and can view it in different angles. After giving a totally new look to his car he can also add it to his Cart. Following are the features you find in the Carart :

  • Ecommerce Shopping Cart to sell vinyl decals (used on the automobiles).
  • Payment Gateway - Paypal Pro for direct payment via Credit Card.
  • Flash Design studio to create and select art for a specific model of automobiles.
  • Royalty system for the artist whose creation is sold.

CDN Shopping

Project Name : CDN Shopping

Technology Used : PHP, Mysql

Project Description : It is an Online Shopping Cart where customer can do Shopping and find the lowest prices on products from online merchants. The basic features of this website are: Price comparison feature, Product Reviews & Store Ratings, Currency options, Google checkout, Product Categories menu, Featured product, Discounted Products, Admin section and order management.

Screen Magic

Project Name : Screen Magic

URL : www.screenmagic.net

Technology Used : PHP, Mysql, Javascript, Ajax.

Project Description : This is a website that provides Advertising Specialties and promotional products for business, company, sports team or other organization in the form of tokens such as cups, mugs, key chains, refrigerator magnets and so forth. ASI products are the perfect inexpensive alternative for getting your business or organization's name out to the public, because they're useful items which can be used every day! All are printed with your emblem, logo or tagline, either in one color or several colors.


Project Name : Gigstarz

URL : www.gigstarz.com

Technology Used : Flash, PHP, MySQL.

Project Description : Gigstarz is a site which allows user to come and do live video performance, record them and share with all your friends and nearer once. User can take the clip of the performance, make the ringtone buy it.